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About Petrene Soames' Positive Thought Cards

The Positive Thought Cards

Petrene Soames' Positive Thought Cards are a great and wonderful gift for youself, your family and your friends... They are a gift that really does makes a positive difference in your life! You can use them at home, in the office or take them with you anywhere. EVERYONE needs Positive Thoughts!

These cards will help you change your life by helping you to think positively and get comfortable with positive thoughts fast.

Simply place the beautiful and colorful, wonderfully positive 33 cards face down in a box or basket or you can place them in a small bag or cloth... Start your day by selecting a card at random, having the following thought firmly in your mind: "I am choosing the card that I most need at this time".

You can use the Positive Thought Cards to start your day, to solve a particular issue or problem, at any time when you feel down or whenever you need a fast solution or are at a loss of what to do next... These cards will help you to move forward and they work over and over and time and time again! Get ready to be amazed and change your life in positive ways!

We create our own reality by what we think and what we feel so thinking positively is no small thing...


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"As a child, did you ever dream you could fly? The truth is that you can..."

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