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Mark Ridgwell from Conroe [12/09/07]

Just to say what an excellent site this is and keep up the good work. Your friend Mark

Carol Chen from Taiwan [08/14/07]

Dear Petrene, I would like to thank you for offering me such a great rebirthing section. It's like a turning point for my life. Now my relationships with my friends, family members, and coworkers are like in the smooth flows. Everything seems easier for me. Besides, I am more confident with myself, I love myself, and I spoil myself..... Don't know how to describe the happiness inside of my heart. ^^ . Thank you, Petrene, I LOVE YOU...XXXXOOOOO

Marcie H. from Missouri, usa [04/27/07]

Hoping soon to try rebirthing, regression, and Progression in the near future. I'm excited for a new start in Life.

Melody from Charleston, SC [01/05/07]

I am so excited to start of the new year with a consultation with Petrene. I wouldn't have had this wonderful experience if I hadn't found your website.

Robert from USA, Washington [12/16/06]

Beautiful, interesting site. Has added a site in bookmarks, tomorrow I shall return, to esteem ...

Jerome from USA, Cleveland [12/13/06]

I like your web site. Good stuff. Keep it updated and fresh. ....

Amanda from USA, Orlando [12/15/06]

Hello,what a beautiful website! I wish you many success, with all your performances.With regards ,Amanda ....

Bill from USA, San Antonio [12/14/06]

Great website, well done to the webmaster on all his hard work!Loved the score section, a good idea. Had a good look around and enjoyed the site, will be back again in future.Best Regards ,Bill ....

Marisha from USA, Baltimore [11/26/06]

Hello,what a beautiful website! I wish you many success, with all your performances.With regards ,Marisha .....

candace Molis from texas [10/05/06]

Thanks Petrene for giving me so much! After talking to you and contacting my family members who have passed on I feel at ease knowing that they are still here and I can still talk to them.

David Vann from Hot Springs, AR [09/21/06]

Hi Petrene, It was great meeting and visiting with you at the Murtles in Lousiana. I was taken with the house and grounds that felt like stepping back in time. Then you and the Houston group arrived (late) and the experience moved on to the next level. When Lauri said that you would travel through the house and grounds by yourself, I concluded that you needed some space and I could wait until later to become better aquainted. Then when you joined us at the table after the radio show Barbara and I had the privalage of getting to know you. We will think of you often with fondness. The person that we met, though she

Soon Ee from Malaysia [09/11/06]

You have a great looking website and very useful self-help resources on self improvement. Keep up the good work!! http://www.super-selfhelp.com

vanessa from dallas [09/04/06]

this sounds very interesting ive been trying to figure out a way to find out what happened to my mother who committed suicide on may 24,2006 in ahotel room in california while on a supposed vacation so i will definately be contacting you. thank you for the information. vanessa

Vincent from France, New York [08/22/06]

Beautifully put together. Great info, and a great design made it very easy to navigate! http://rivotril-on.myk.pl/ Thanks!

shu fanf yuan from Taiwan [08/18/06]

Dear Petrene : I am really appreciated for the help from the net meeting, you help me release the anger and unhappies. You said you would help me for twice, I felt something changed around my life, I think that is the effort Thanks for the encouragement & your love. Sincerely angle

Kay from dc [07/13/06]

Nice Site!

gloria godard from north carolina [07/10/06]

enjoyed your book

Joy from Taiwan [07/03/06]

It is a great experience to join your class in Taiwan. Hope to see you soon!!

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A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.

Alex from USA, Chicago [05/23/06]

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Brian from Ukraine, Kiev [05/19/06]

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bear paw school from United Kingdom [05/15/06]

A fantastic site, and brilliant effort. A great piece of work.

Kerri from Spring, TX [01/22/06]

I had the opportunity to experience the rebirthing session and follow-up by Petrene. It is unlike any other experience that I have ever had. Without my knowledge, I had supressed my true self through years of living on other people's agendas. With Petrene's rebirthing session I was able to find my way back to my core and am slowly rediscovering my soul's true purpose. I highly recommend this process to anyone at any point in their lives who would like to live authentically and with joy.

Steven from Louisville [11/04/05]

Hi im 15 and i think this site is sweet

Brianna from Kentucky [11/09/05]

I like the color orange! lol

Xenia from Athens [08/15/05]

Having been a witness to many of my own client's regressions with Petrene, having worked with her as their translator, and having just done a regression myself with Petrene, after many years, I wanted to say what an amazing experience it is… I see my clients after having done a regression, clearer, stronger, fundamentally changed in a totally unique to them and totally and exactly what they need way… Having just done a regression with Petrene myself I can say all of that about myself and want to add that I was totally astounded with the depth of positive change which it produced inside myself… On a mental level everything was totally different after the regression, I was so much closer to the person I fundamentally am and want and need to be. I have not had such a big mental shift in many many years, if ever… and the astounding thing to me is that this all happened in such a simple, easy, deceivingly simple way. What looked and felt so simple was simply an amazingly accurate tool for altering reality and making it what we need it to be. I am also the kind of person who believed it would be difficult for me to do the regression, thinking that my mind would not co-operate and I would not be able to do it but I could! Petrene does not use hypnosis in her regressions as, and I can see that this is true, it is totally unnecessary. I would totally recommend regression with Petrene to anyone who is interested in working with their mind and changing negative mental patterns, as Petrene's experience, wisdom, compassion, love, care and humanity, are all there to help you feel totally safe and supported in your journey and it absolutely works.

kathy kish from maryland [06/09/05]

I found your web site very knowledgeable and very interesting....Thanks for letting others to read and learn from what you have here. Kathy

Joe Scgnj from porter, texas [06/01/05]

Amazing art work in your focus room wherever did you find them?

Connie Shorter Wolf from 108 East Fairview [05/23/05]

I love this page. And I can't wait to come back. Every time I get on the computer I think about this page.

Renay from Michigan [05/18/05]

Petrene, you are so awesome! I had a reading a few months ago and everything is right on! I will recommend you to everyone! Thanks again!

Linda B. from Taunton, Mass. [04/09/05]

I enjoyed listening to you very much this morning on the Wayne and Kiles talk show on 1570 WPEP AM Saturday.

Brenda Bartels from Australia [02/11/05]

I have just come across your website. Can you assist someone so far away? I read the entries and you are very impressive.Can you help me on this one question? Q. I am entering into a business venture and doing this real estate business alone...is this going to be very successful or what can you 'see'. I respectfully ask your assistance. Brenda Scared Aussie Woman

Leslie from maricopa,AZ 85239 ,usa [02/06/05]

I like your website. I lived in Great Britain for a year this was 1972-1973. People are much more opened minded about spirituality than here. I have had paranormal experiences my whole life. I communicate with my dogs angels almost daily.

Pam Wynn from Kent England [01/03/05]

Hi from England. Love your book and website. Have some life-changing decisions to make this year ( retirement ) so will need to stay focused and healthy !!!! Come over again soon - we only met briefly @ Gatwick Airport !!! Love and Best Wishes Pam

Markus from Texas [01/06/05]

Great site, very thought provoking.

Trish from Maryland [10/28/04]

Patrene is a wonderful person. I am truly inspired to fufill my dreams and to conquer my fears!

phillis spencer from fairhope,alabama [09/02/04]

I love your book my cousin Julie sent me. She lives in Houston.

joe scogin from Grand Island, Ne [08/10/04]

Very instrumental in all aspects of daily living.

Ruth Campbell from Brooklyn, NY [07/06/04]

I'm tired now, but thanks for a delicious, restful time on your site tonight.

Venda Levy from Katy,Tx [07/06/04]


Mary M. from Houston, Texas [06/06/04]

Petrene, Just wanted to let you know that I have heard so many good complements and recommendations from others who have come for your sessions. I bought the book and would like to come for a session. I finally told a friend of mine, (I didn't want to tell anyone that I was interested for a session), and she also wants to come in for a session for herself as well! I would like to come for a Progression session soon...and can I take a friend with me to the session for support? And Thank you, Petrene for listening

Tristan Uhl from The Woodlands Texas [06/04/04]

Hey Petrene! I finally got to check out your webpage, Im the guy that works at Shell, I saw you just today in fact. Anyways, Sounds really good! Im definetly interested in getting a consultation! Theres just so much going on in my life im really confused and frustrated, Basically stuck in a rut. Im interested in getting your book too. Well, Just wanted to stop by, Now I see why you told me

Cielle from Athens [05/30/04]

Dear Petrene, i now have in my possession, two months rent, and i am still 10 days away from rent day... This is the first time this has happened since i have been in this flat and the first time i have had this amount of money in a long time...My work is also going as i want it to and i am expecting more to come my way soon ... I am just writing to reconfirm that the letting go and drawing in exercises with the crystals and the expanding exercise and the walking every day are working!!! Lots of love, Cielle

Marti Montoya from El Paso, Texas [04/28/04]

I enjoyed the samples of your psychic development course. I am currently debating whether or not to attend a holistic/homeopathic course in Colorado. I came across your website and found it fascinating. I think taking your psychic awareness course would help me, especially because I need to learn to focus and to learn to listen and accept what may be in my near future. I've always been surrounded by certain things and feelings that I have never been able to explain, not even to myself. I'm now in a place (mentally) where I want to know more. I think I'm ready to see if I'm able to help myself and others. There is one thing that I know for sure that I'm able to do that even scares me at times and that is: I can bring certain people to me. I don't know how to explain it, but when I really concentrate on someone I really want to see or come into my life, I will it, and it happens. Can you explain this to me? I hope you answer me, in the meantime, I would like to order your course (psychic awareness development) and maybe I'll be able to find out what some of my feelings or senses are all about. Thank you, Marti Montoya martimontoya@aol.com (915)240-6459

Marti Montoya from El Paso, Texas [04/28/04]

I enjoyed the samples of your psychic development course. I am currently debating whether or not to attend a holistic/homeopathic course in Colorado. I came across your website and found it fascinating. I think taking your psychic awareness course would help me, especially because I need to learn to focus and to learn to listen and accept what may be in my near future. I've always been surrounded by certain things and feelings that I have never been able to explain, not even to myself. I'm now in a place (mentally) where I want to know more. I think I'm ready to see if I'm able to help myself and others. There is one thing that I know for sure that I'm able to do that even scares me at times and that is: I can bring certain people to me. I don't know how to explain it, but when I really concentrate on someone I really want to see or come into my life, I will it, and it happens. Can you explain this to me? I hope you answer me, in the meantime, I would like to order your course (psychic awareness development) and maybe I'll be able to find out what some of my feelings or senses are all about. Thank you, Marti Montoya martimontoya@aol.com (915)240-6459

Marti Montoya from El Paso, Texas [04/28/04]

I enjoyed the samples of your psychic development course. I am currently debating whether or not to attend a holistic/homeopathic course in Colorado. I came across your website and found it fascinating. I think taking your psychic awareness course would help me, especially because I need to learn to focus and to learn to listen and accept what may be in my near future. I've always been surrounded by certain things and feelings that I have never been able to explain, not even to myself. I'm now in a place (mentally) where I want to know more. I think I'm ready to see if I'm able to help myself and others. There is one thing that I know for sure that I'm able to do that even scares me at times and that is: I can bring certain people to me. I don't know how to explain it, but when I really concentrate on someone I really want to see or come into my life, I will it, and it happens. Can you explain this to me? I hope you answer me, in the meantime, I would like to order your course (psychic awareness development) and maybe I'll be able to find out what some of my feelings or senses are all about. Thank you, Marti Montoya martimontoya@aol.com (915)240-6459

PAOLA from ATHENS-HELLAS [02/05/04]


Indi from Tx [01/22/04]

I have met with Petrene in December 2003,She told me I have pain on my shoulders,neck and headaches. During the meeting after some basic breathing techniques I felt lighter, seems like a burden was lifted off my shoulders and I felt the pain was severe and at that specific place, then suddenly the pain disappear. I was so taken back, could not believe that after many years of pain and then in seconds it was gone. I got her book



Matt Howe from Canberra, Australia [12/09/03]

Excellent Site, keep up the good work!!! http://www.m6.net

Jamie from Dawson Creek, BC, CANADA [11/24/03]

Sounds like a great book and I am definitly going to look for it. I have been interested in natural healing for awhile and this sounds like it will get me going.

Clayton Moe from Edmonton [11/14/03]

You do good work.Best wishes for you.

mimi from ^_^ Why? [11/17/03]

awesome site!!!

Jamie from Dawson Creek, BC, CANADA [11/24/03]

Sounds like a great book and I am definitly going to look for it. I have been interested in natural healing for awhile and this sounds like it will get me going.

Max from N.Carolina [10/14/03]

I found your webpage very helpful. I am trying to find how to get into the photos. I am want to find a way to answer my troubling questins. I hope you might help me to learn more about myself and others. Max

Ramars from Baltimore [09/30/03]

Hi petrene hey famous personality! remember me? the indian guy you met at las vegas? I am going to send your picture with your daughter to information@ your website. Is that alright? You and your daughter look stunning. Please write to me and ask your daughter to visit baltimore on her way back. I shall be your guest, if one of you comes here and I shall take good care of you and may be cook some indian meal for you. You know what u really impressed me with your words about

Paula from Texas [10/01/03]

The color rooms are absolutely wonderful - especially in the morning before starting the day - giving one a sense of being prepared to deal with anything that may happen in the day.

JoAnn Symmes from Utah [09/08/03]


Paula from Texas [08/22/03]

Hello, Petrene Greetings from afar! I hope all is well with you. I love the site and the very life-affirming statements. As ever, Paula

kathy from ky [08/08/03]

just browsing

Laurie Sullivan from The Woodlands [07/31/03]

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Sheila from Niagara Falls, New York [05/20/03]

I was reading through your web site and liked what I was reading.

Julian Samuel from Houston, Texas, USA [05/20/03]

Petrene has helped guide my life in so many wonderful directions, that I don't have room to list them here. Great site, great book. I am a student.

Ruth Campbell from Brooklyn [04/16/03]


Jim Mik from Unexplainable UFO Pictures And Information [04/13/03]

Nice site. Very inpressive. I love it if you would like to see UFO Pictures www.unexplainable.net UFO Mega Site



Iris from Edmonton, Alberta Canada [03/07/03]

very interesting articles on these pages. I have spend hours reading and will come back to this site again and again and have referred it to my friends. thanks

gg from dallas, tx [03/24/03]

light and love

Kris from Cape Elizabeth, ME, USA [03/25/03]

hey, thanks for the info on harmonic convergence; it's all very deep and soothing. I've been trying to understand the significance of a certain number that I and a friend see on a clock twice a day, no matter what and we think it has to do with the harmonic convergence. If anyone knows anything about this, let me know, speak up. Thanks and peace.

Joy Shiels from Charlotte, NC [01/15/03]

I got you name & website address from my friend Mindy Felcman. My partner, Liz Mabe, & I would love to talk to you about doing workshops here in Charlotte at our Spiritual Center,The Sanctuary. I hope to speak with you soon. I will buy the book and read it. Joy Shiels

Pamela Flores from Los Angeles, CA [12/31/02]

I find truth and common sense in Petrenes articles. Thank you for being a candle, we need your light.

jocean stearman from newport beach [12/30/02]

u sounded great on the talk show last night i really was interested in what u had to say.

*EM* from UK [12/21/02]

Hello! Loved your site very useful! Keep up the good work! Thanxs for information on this site it has helped me alot thanxs again.

stanley sng from singapore [11/15/02]

very useful and knowledge articles. i will defintely obtain your book soon. regards

Gayle from Illinois, USA [11/11/02]

Really enjoyed this site. I am doing a speech on alternative medicines and plan to use self healing as part of it. I will rush out to the bookstore tomorrow morning. I hope they have a copy.

Kathleen from PA [10/27/02]

Love the site!

Diane Rice from Waynesville, N.C. [10/26/02]

Very Interesting. We would like you to come to Asheville, N.C.

Diane Rice from Waynesville, N.C. [10/26/02]

Very Interesting. We would like you to come to Asheville, N.C.

Lorraine M. Schrom from the woodlands Texas [10/22/02]

Am anxious to read your book. Thanks

Pam Wynn from Dartford Kent U.K. [10/18/02]

Great web site. Look forward to learning more. Hope you visit U.K. again soon.

Zsuzsanna Mercz from Dallas Texas [10/01/02]

The help my son and I received from Petrene are life changing an very inpowering.She taught me how to

Dawn MB Nyberg from Manhattan, Montana [09/30/02]

I am excited to learn how to heal myself!

jennifer jenkins from UK [09/26/02]

I saw you on this morning in the uk and was very impressed by what you said. I have been and bought your book the essesnce of healing, as I feel there are blocks in my life, that are due to past issues and feel the time is right to explore these. Your web site is very informative and inviting.

Zsuzsanna Mercz from Dallas,Texas [09/17/02]

I have had lots of different readings in the past years from different people.Petrene is not just true in every sense,but gave me the spiritual tools that are available from her dwell of knowledge.I have found a reader that is 100% correct.Thanks Petrene for the many different angles you were able to look at the situations.The tools were given are priceless. My son,who would not except help from anyone,trusted you,all thrue the rebirthing ,and also thanks you for the reading, regarding his future. Thank you;Zsuzsanna and Bradley

Michelle from Houston [09/16/02]

Looks interesting and full of possibilities!

Alan Reeves from Kansas City [09/09/02]

I really enjoyed myself while reading through your various pages. Great content! You are also invited to visit my website at: www.seekersoftheunknown.com

Doreen Blake from Australia [09/04/02]

love your sight have just ordered your book its not available in Australia

Heidi from Houston [09/04/02]

Wonderful web site!

Jim Kates from Middletown, Ct. USA [08/22/02]

Petrene, Thank you for writing such a simple and powerful book on healing. I'll be using you book, articles and wisdom as a guide in my new career as a wellness coach. Jim Kates

Conrad M Cummings~USA Blackfoot Chief from Springfield, Mo [08/17/02]

Compliments with Love and FairWeather to this site and all who might support it...The Chief

Debra from The Woodlands [08/15/02]

I just got back from tucson and an astrologer told me I have been approaching my problems the wrong way....she said to find myself a psychic healer and fast....I found you on the internet and we live in the same town...I ordered your book and I will be calling......Thanx for being here

Valerie from The Woodlands [08/05/02]

This is an awsome uplifting site! It has been so long since I have been here. I cannot wait to talk to you again, please expect my call very soon. Lot's of things going on in my life. I NEED ORGANIZATION.

Cynthia Havens from The Woodlands [07/27/02]

Petrene this is a wonderful website thank you for all the sharing and work you have done to create it! Beautiful focus room!

maxine crull from henderson, nevada [07/16/02]

Petrene: Meeting you is one of the biggest blessing of my life. Also for my husband Carl and my daughter Misty. You are a true being of light, sharing your wisdom, compassion and immense storehouse of knowledge as you do. Each of us in contact with you emerges a better person and this is spoken from experience. So very thankful for you, your enlightening book and your most helpful; workshops. I feel live everyone and everything you touch blooms. In fact, I can almost see your wings!!! Straight from the heart, Maxine.

patricia yeap from Houston [07/07/02]

It took one psychic to tell me that I would not be getting any insurance money from a car accident I had one half year ago. That psychic was Petrene & she is right....others on Keen said I would ....so to all others out there looking for a TRUE psychic, look no further. By the way, she was the one who predicted that I would be involved in a car accident.

Senyonjo Nelson Douglas from Kampala - Uganda [06/13/02]

I love your site so much, I have made several print outs so i can read them later; I can't have much time online.

LaNae Ilseng from Houston, TX [06/03/02]

Just finished reading your book....self-healing was the next step in my health, spiritual awareness evolution. Thanks for writing the book. Very easy read and the client stories are wonderful.

Jennifer from Corpus Christi, Texas [04/29/02]

By looking aound, reading and participating in this website, I have benefited so much. What a tremendous place to be! I look so forward to furthering this interaction and learning wonderful things about healing and myself. Thank you Petrene!

Mrs. Sara Hernandez from Crockett, Texas [05/04/02]

I just want to thank you for this absolutely wonderful site and I feel really blessed for having visited your site. I also visited your internet course site, and found out how to cleanse my auras and chakras. Haven't tried it, but will try within next two weeks, whenever i have some down time. Many thanks again for this amazing website!

Avalon De Witt from Denver, CO [01/31/02]

Petrene, you have an extraordinary website, and I really love your work with color! Color is one of my fascinations. There is so much I can learn from you. I signed up for your newsletter, so I can learn more. Thank you for offering so much valuable material. Keep walking in the Light, Avalon De Witt

jacqui from england [01/25/02]

I found your site both interesting and full of information that can offer advice and something to work on. A definite leader to your book which I have by the way, very good.

Kalar Walters from Vicksburg, Mississippi [12/20/01]

Although my sister requested this book from me for Christmas, it will be a little late and I will, of course, look over it before wrapping it for her. :) She discovered the website and is so excited about it. Thanks,

Katherine Burgio from buffalo, new york [12/17/01]

I heard your interview last night on a country radio station (i was scanning?) I am looking forward to reading this book.

Brandy Deutsch from Houston, TX [11/27/01]

Dear Petrene: Your website is brilliant! I had the joy of meeting you a couple of years ago for a Rebirthing. I came across your article in the Indigo Sun and it helped to remind me of what is important. Thank you. 'The Essence of Self-Healing' looks like a hit. Looking forward to attending your workshops and seeing you again. Happy Birthday! Celebrate with PIZZAZZ! Love and Light, Brandy

Joan M. Campbell from Connecticut [11/24/01]

I heard you on the Joan Rivers show, WOR, last week. You seemed confident and comfortable in what you were saying. I am sure you come across the same way, in your book. I just ordered it. Joan

Diane Porter from Brenham, Texas [11/18/01]

I am enjoing all the aspects of your website.

Christine from SBend, IN [11/16/01]

How strange... My computer TURNED ITSELF ON AND STARTED PLAYING THE REAL PLAYER WITH YOUR MESSAGE FROM APRIL 29th... Weirder still, it happened at 10:00 when you are on the radio in Iowa...hmmmmmmm...I ORDERED THE BOOK!! I got the message... thx

Kaberi from India [11/12/01]

Great Site. I am moved. Thanks a lot.

Nabiyah from Houston [10/30/01]

This is a really neat site. I will definitely visit it again and tell my friends about it. I love colors and I love the choices of color. I have not explored the entire site yet. I will perhaps comment again on my overall experience. Thanks for sharing.

Denese from New York [10/28/01]

I was doing an on line search and found your webpage. I was very impressed. I would love buy your book and have a reading. Bless You:)

Maxine from Henderson, NV [10/03/01]

There are no words to convey the improvement that meeting Petrene has made in my life.

Pamela Payne from Houston, TX [09/29/01]

Petrene, You are a beautiful resource for this planet. Your work is awesome. I am grateful for you.

Paul M Duffy from Southwater, England. [08/26/01 08:12:56 CDT]

Petrene, it's a pleasure to revisit your website after about a year since my last regular visits. It has given me the motivation to pursue my psychic interests once again. Many thanks...

Emma & Terry from London [08/19/01 11:03:52 CDT]

Dear Petrene, thank you so much for all your help over the last few days. We really appreciate it and our thoughts will always be with you. Thank you for the strength you gave us to continue. We miss you lots and hope to see you very soon. Coming to terms with the situation has been made easier with your constant help, thoughts and energy. Take Care. Lots of love always Emma, Terry and Carlton. We will be in touch soon.

Kim Mccasland from Las Vegas, nv [07/28/01 00:37:43 CDT]

I enjoyed your website and listening to you on KLAV today!

Ken Bragdon from Las Cruces, NM [07/15/01 21:13:15 CDT]

It would be refreshing to find a technique that is simple. I look forward to reading your book.

Emma & Terry from London [07/15/01 14:33:14 CDT]

We have known Petrene for about 7 years. We have enjoyed reading her website and all the messages that have been left.

Melissa from San Antonio,TX [07/09/01 00:48:33 CDT]

I loved your website. I hope to meet you when you come to SA in August.

Mahonneye from New York [05/19/01 17:07:50 CDT]

Glad to be here!

Paula Williams from Sacramento,Ca. [05/19/01 02:33:34 CDT]

I have almost finished reading your book and I have shared with friends. They are very interested in what you have to say. I found copies of your book at East West Bookshop in Sacramento. So I know others are interested. It has given me quite a few moments of peace. I have been struggling with my psychic abilites for about 12 years not knowing what they are and if they are okay. I hope you continue with your other books. Love and Light Paula

Nickie Wood from New York City, NY [05/15/01 16:32:56 CDT]

I had the pleasure of meeting Petrene a couple of weeks ago, when she kindly graced our town with her presence at a local Learning Annex Seminar. I felt renewed and inspired. Thank you, Petrene!

Vanessa from Houston [05/13/01 13:40:07 CDT]

Petrene, I really like your website. The colors you choose to use always lift my mood. I even started using this mixture of colors on the chalkboard in my classroom! Also, I've enjoyed the articles and information. Great site!

Barbara Bailey from VANCOUVER, BC [05/08/01 13:15:17 CDT]

INTEREST PARTY. Love your website.

Misty Lynch from Las Vegas, NV [04/20/01 21:52:54 CDT]

I have the book it's great!! I also had a re-birthing and what an experience as well. Petrene is a beautiful person! What a refreshing, caring,and compassionate individual she is. Thank-you so much for opening my eyes (so to speak) to a new and exciting way of life.I can already see and feel a difference in myself and my way of thinking and/or ways of dealing with and interpreting things in everyday life.

Nelda Colmenero from Corpus Christi, TX [03/26/01 10:05:43 CST]

Petrene, your webside is fantastic. It is so informative. It's great!

Kalina from England [03/26/01 06:01:57 CST]

I think this is one of if not the best websites of this kind. Petrene is an amazing person and she has a lot that she can teach us. Keep it up Petrene! x.

Nicole Tracy from Australia [03/05/01 20:36:42 CST]

I'm currently studying Natural Medicine and energy healing, and would love to hear you speak in Australia one day.

Dale A. Miller from Lexinton, Kentucky [02/21/01 17:23:44 CST]

Thank you for this web site.

Zannie from UK [02/09/01 13:18:01 CST]

Lovely site. Glad I came to explore a little and will come again to play.

Zack from London [01/19/01 14:13:14 CST]

Nice site very warm feeling, You have put a lot of love into the page, I just surf about looking for good psychic sites like a hobby. Keep up the good work, regards, Zack.

Gloria Marie Hughes from Houston [01/16/01 22:47:02 CST]

A friend from long ago sent me info about you. Looking for a seminar time or workshop. It is nice that you are local!

Mikey from Houston [12/22/00 10:01:24 CST]

This is the best book I have ever read in my life. I have to tell all of my friends and family....Thank you so much, Mike

Miona from Houston, TX [11/05/00 08:15:37 CST]

Petrene is a gift to us. She helped my family with her gifts of healing. She taught me that life does not have to be a struggle. She lent me a book called just that: "Life does not have to be a struggle".

Denise from Houston, Texas [09/20/00 11:05:06 CDT]

Great web site!

Kennette D. Klees from Houston, Texas [08/12/00 11:03:07 CDT]

Blessings, Love and Light, Kennette

Spicelend Castle - Stafford, VA USA - Tuesday, June 13, 2000 at 10:38:50 (CDT)

I called Petrene during a tough time in my life. She really helped me through it by providing great insight! Thank you! - - Love and Happiness - Spicelend !!!

Suzanne Zelinski - Watersmeet, Michigan USA - Saturday, June 03, 2000 at 12:24:21 (CDT)

As I begin my second summer knowing Petrene I realize that the relationship we share is difficult at best to describe in mere words, but I will try. I have been through a rebirthing and a regression. When I first came to Petrene, I was very close to being "out of control" and when I went through the rebirthing, I most definitely was "out of control" and she knew the time was "ripe". My rebirthing occurred four months after my having first contacted her by phone. - Having visited her last summer, experiencing the regression, I have realized that her warmth, caring, and intellect are much more than can be conveyed over the phone. I was "overwhelmed", as she picked up on, at the mere sight of her. She is very tiny but huge in "spirit"...:) - I was not a skeptic when I first contacted Petrene, as I grew up with a mother who was unafraid to experience the "unexplainable". I was, however, wondering if she would be the one to help me find my direction. I "found" her by accident alone although "accidents" really don't happen without a reason. My world has become, for the most part a more relaxing, centered, harmonious place to be and those who know me well can "feel" the difference in me. As a teacher of special children and a mother of six, I know that those around me would especially like to thank Petrene for the difference she has made in me. - - Finally, there is no real way for me to fully repay Petrene for all that she has helped me learn about myself except to refer those who have tried conventional methods of "healing" to this wonderful person creation has placed in our midst. I am grateful beyond words for what you have helped me discover Petrene and I look forward to a long, continued relationship. Suzanne !!!

Annie - Austin, Texas USA - Thursday, May 25, 2000 at 11:54:12 (CDT)

Petrene is the most benevolent being I've ever encountered. Her willingness to share her vast knowledge in an understandable way transends the norm. She cuts through traumas in an instant that would otherwise take years to work through in traditional therapies. I dream of the day we all wake up to her message. !!!

Danielle - Washington, DC USA - May 10, 2000

I just had my first phone reading with Petrene and I am still in shock. She was dead on about things going on in my life without my telling her about them. Make no mistake, she is definitely the real thing!! I look forward to working with her in the future. I'm definitely hooked. !!!

Shawnda Hibbeler - Montgomery, Texas USA - February 11, 2000.

What a blessing you are! I sincerely appreciate you sharing such a remarkable gift with me. Your healing sessions are almost inexplicable! I must say the Rebirthing session was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Although I was very apprehensive and nervous, to say it was remarkably rewarding would be an understatement. I had no idea I was carrying so much hurt, anger and pain. I truly feel healed from the burden of ALL these negative feelings. - - In regard to the Progression and Regression, I am still baffled. It amazes me the power of our psyche. I actually revisited past experiences that have been blocking me from progressing further. The amazing thing was realizing it was / is my reality and I changed my reaction to the events, consequently allowing my thoughts and feelings to be more positive. In regard to Progression...well, I was there. I seen it, felt and just knew it. It was so real. I have given myself permission to start living that moment in "time" TODAY. - - In short, you and your healing sessions have changed my life - more specifically, you have allowed me the opportunity to embrace who I truly am.

Furthermore, you have provided an incredible source of true transformation to awaken me to the full capacity of my essense! What can I say other than...I'm so grateful our paths have crossed. If anyone has the opportunity of working with you, their lives will be graced and changed forever. Lastly, I do not believe that you can accurately put a dollar amount on your service / gift, however, each session and reading is worth thousands of dollars, years of therapy and light years of spiritual healing and transformation. God bless you! !!!

Xenia - Athens, Greece - December 12, 1999

Dear Petrene, thank you so much for doing the rebirthing with me, it has made such an impact on my life. I couldn't have imagined anything that would have the kind of effect that the rebirthing has ( i have always been skeptical about all these kind of "breathing" therapies that you hear about, thinking that they sound too simple to possibly do anything... The absence of anyone i knew who did this kind of thing successfully didn't help either...)I didn't know/ could not imagine that this level of being existed! My life has completely changed in the most gentle and profound way -and is continuing to do so as we speak... You know that i was nervous before we did it , thinking that i would not be able to do it properly -that i had to "perform" or something- but as usual, you helped me feel completely at ease and be as real as i've ever been with anyone. I can never thank you enough, Yours sincerely, Xenia Aidonopoulos. !!!

Connie Guzman - Madisonville, Kentucky USA - 1999

I have not had the pleasure of a reading yet, but you come highly recommended, so I know I will not be disappointed. !!!

Taunya Durrance - Tampa, FL US - 1999

I found your site to be incredibly enlightening. You speak of many things of which I am very interested. I hope to one day have a better understanding. Surrounded in the healing light of true spirit. !!!

Vireak Chem - Pasadena, TX United States - 1999

Hello Petrene, - It's been a very long time since we've talked old friend... but through our long drought of staying in contact, you were never forgotten in my heart dear friend. And as you can see, fate has brought us together once more. I still have our letters and I know that we were there together standing in front of the Great Pyramid. I Honor, Respect and send Thoughts of Love and Light to You Always. - Stay well my friend till next time. - - Vireak chem - !!!

Cherri McNulty - Pasadena, Tx USA - 1999

Great site...just what my sister and I have been looking for. !!!

Gail Cash - Mason, Ohio USA - 1999

Very informative... Hope to have a personal reading. !!!

Mark Ridgwell - Slough Berks, England - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 16:32:12 (CDT)

Petrene, It`s been a pleasure to have known you for a long time now. Let all the people out there be aware that this lady is a genuine phychic dynamo! Her concepts and ideas are way ahead of their time. If you let just a little of her insights seep into your mind`s eye then Aeroplanes and Starships may just become a thing of the past. Love always - Mark.. an eternity long friend!!!

Jane Carey - Schenectady, NY USA - Tuesday, June 22, 1999 at 22:33:47 (CDT)

I feel as if I have finally found what I have been looking for. I am just starting out and I sensed right away that this is the place I will learn and develop. Thank you and may God and the Universe bless you. I would love to talk to you sometime. Jane !!!

L. Lawrence - Springfield, oregon usa - Tuesday, June 01, 1999 at 16:29:28 (CDT)

What a fascinating website! I hope to learn alot from you. I have been ready for a long time. !!!

Mary Thompson - Blue Springs, , Mo USA - Friday, May 07, 1999 at 15:04:11 (CDT)

I was reading FATE Magazine and saw your ad and decided to check out your website. I have printed all of it and read it. I found it very interesting. I have always thought that there is a way to go into the future. I will be contacting you to have a reading and also to take the course on the internet. I went back and found a copy of Jan. 1997 FATE and saw the article about you. !!!

Xenia Aidonopoulos - Athens, Greece - Saturday, April 17, 1999 at 05:54:09 (CDT)

Petrene, I have just read through alot of your web site and you have infused my life, yet again, with hope. I plan to contact you re. a phone reading. Thank you, Xenia. !!!

Marcie R. Heeter - pittsburgh, pa u.s.a. - Thursday, March 18, 1999 at 10:13:00 (CST)

You are so real. Keep up your great works. You're so lucky to know what life offers you. You have a great gift. Your friend Marcie !!!

Chris - Auburn, AL US - Wednesday, January 27, 1999 at 15:49:33 (CST)

Thank you so much for your guidance. You have helped me out so much just through your web site.You are a very bright light :) Thank you Petrene. !!!

Edd Rousset - Beaumont, Texas Jefferson - Monday, January 11, 1999 at 20:50:01 (CST)

Thank you very much for your help and insight. I have had two telephone sessions with you and it has led to a better understanding of my relationship with one I feel is my true love. !!!

Susan K. Schmelzer - Baltimore, - Wednesday, January 06, 1999 at 22:26:12 (CST)

This is a fascinating website!!!

John - League City, Texas USA - December 11, 1998 at 06:50:47

You were my first experience with a psychic - and until recently, I have ALWAYS been a skeptic. Within the first 10 seconds you nailed me and what was going on in my life to a tee. WOW! You are truly connected with the oneness that surrounds us all. You and my wife have inspired me to learn all I can about the spirit world and the energy around us. You ARE amazing! Thank you.

Lee Ann - League City, TX US - December 11, 1998 at 01:00:40

Petrene, WOW!!! That is my response since having several appts. with you. You are an Angel here on earth! Dedicated to helping others, to say the least! Your communication with my deceased father was phenomenal - confering information that my family really needed to hear and his personality came through so that we knew exactly that it was him. He said to set a place for him at the table for Thanksgiving - I'm sooo glad that I did that! He also said he would send us a sign... WELL what a sign he sent! Thanks a bunch for all your help.

Rhonda Flowers - Houston, TX USA - November 24, 1998 at 01:19:03

Wonderful site. I see we are both in Houston too! I would be tickled pink to attend one of your classes and am considering taking a past life course myself. I am a newly attune Reiki I, and with everything changing so quickly... Im wondering if this would be a good next step to take. We shall see. SMILES

Tamara K. - Vineland, New Jersey USA - November 09, 1998 at 13:07:10

You are very warm and talented, hope to experience a session soon. Peace

S. Hutton - Baytown, Texas US - October 31, 1998 at 18:46:24

I heard you on the radio and was very interested. Your web site is incredible. I am very intrigued, hope to find time to schedule a reading real soon.

Libby Bartholamew - Orange, Texas USA - October 30, 1998 at 07:49:52

Well I have never actually had a reading but I totally beleive in this. I heard her giving a little advice on the radio this morning (October 30,1998) and I was really amazed at the way she worked. I love to talk with everyone so if you would like to contact me you have my email...

Carl Mohr - Pasadena, Texas USA - October 04, 1998 at 20:52:23

I have had one reading with Petrene and since I have not been able to get her put of mind. I have this huge feeling of anticipation and being drawn to her. There is a growing well of excitement inside of me when I think of what she might be able to tell me about myself, my existence and my purpose in life.

Dennis M. Pennington - Sullivan, Missouri USA - September 29, 1998 at 02:04:06

You have a very impressive web site, and I'll be back again. Although we've never met, I found you to be knowlegable and talented, as well as very pleasing to the eye. Just call it flatery because it was meant in the nicest way.

Jimi - Marshall, TX - September 27, 1998 at 22:18:27

I am so thrilled to find someone with your talent so close to home, hope I can schedule a reading soon. Peace be with you.

Cary Feldhahn - Flower Mound, Tx - September 12, 1998 at 19:05:48

I experienced a reading over the phone and became amazed at several current events you described with accuracy. I look forward to the positive events destined for my future...if nothing else, your thoughts were very uplifting. Thank you!

Eva - Baltimore, MD USA - September 11, 1998 at 10:32:43

Petrene is wonderful! She gave me the courage to take very important steps towards a bright future. Her words were confirmations of things I knew deep down had to be done.Peace and Love be with you! Eva

Nada - Chicago, IL USA - September 11, 1998 at 09:18:45

I had one session with Petrene via phone and two visits with her personally on mediumship about a week ago. I have been devastated by my Mother's death 6 months ago. Petrene has helped me more than I could ever imagine by communicating with my Mother and relaying information and messages to me. She told me things that no one could possibly know unless they were truly in communication with my Mother. Knowing that my Mom still exists, spiritually, that I can talk to her, is helping me to go on with my life and has given me a feeling of comfort more than I ever thought possible. Thank you Petrene. I will contact you regarding Rebirthing when the opportunity arises. You are wonderful!!

Marie Monica - Bellflower, CA Los Angeles - September 09, 1998 at 23:02:30

I came across your name as a psychic, and red about your web page. Regression and Progression sound very interesting, especially progression. Will check your web page more often for any new info.

Connie Walden - San Antonio, TX USA - September 02, 1998 at 11:42:18

My husband and I have had 2 readings from you and we look forward to meeting with you again soon. Your manner of revealing information and imparting truth was both meaningful and inspirational. Thank you.

Alora Windsor - Magnolia, TX USA - August 27, 1998 at 08:51:50

Greetings Petrene! I enjoy your appearance on the show this morning. Your presence over shadowed the other guests! It was obvious that you are real and not just some phony. You were very loving and professional at the sametime. You also appeared very comfortable before the camera. You must have done this before. You radiate an immense amount of love and energy in all that you do. Will see you at your next lecture.

Alora Windsor - Magnolia, TX usa - August 14, 1998 at 22:00:11

I am amazed that I have found someone like you so near me. I believe that I am in desparate need of help as I suffer from manic depression. I will be at you next meeting at the library..Peace..Alora

Lovely - Long Beach, Calif USA - July 29, 1998 at 22:26:16

Petrene!! Oh My God!, You told me the day of my reading by phone,by you...That you see my deposition being delayed, I just couldnt see how that could be!..Lo and Behold if I didnt get a call saying that same day!!, No deposition. It was postpone!...You also hit truth in other things you said..Thank you *Petrene*....HUGS

Pat C. - Center Harbor, NH USA - July 28, 1998 at 21:16:28

I have had the pleasure of having two readings with Petrene.I can honestly say that the information shared was not only accurate but timely not to mention very helpful.I especially appreciate Petrene's honesty and integrity. She is full of light and thus a reading with her is uplifting. Thanks again Petrene!

Donna N. - Lake Havasu City, AZ USA - 6/10/98

I was very pleased with my reading today. I am relieved, rejuvenated, and redirected! My first attempt to locate someone for a rebirthing in my area has not been successful. I will probably be scheduling that with you in the near future... Thank you for my reading. It is very helpful.

Malwina L. - Oxford, England - 6/2/98

Thank you for my last reading. You were right about my tooth- there is nothing wrong with it at all, and it stopped hurting...

P.S. Well-done predicitng the break-up of Spice Girls!

Frankie H. - California USA - 6/1/98

Very nice page you have!... Blessed are you and may I one day experince your wonderful gift!

Patricia R. - Houston, TX USA - 4/28/98

I have seen Petrene about 6 times over the past 2 years. Her insights have hit home and her views about my future have come to past with accuracy. I would not have returned after the first visit if I had not felt secure with her as a person, respected what she had told me (and the way she presented her information) Most important was her warmth and concern about me as a person. Some things she said I wanted her to say differently but after all...she could tell me only what she saw, felt, was told...she was right! Petrene is a warm, caring person and an amazing intuitive. :-) (((((((((((((Petrene)))))))))))))))

Abdul Hamid - Republic of Singapore - 4/11/98

I have visited your web site and found the information on the home page very amazing and educative.

Karen B. - Huntsville, TX USA - 3/17/98

I was really impressed with your web site. A friend of mine gave me your address and has had several readings from you. I was totally amazed by your accuracy. I plan on contacting you for a reading myself.

Lori-Ann M. - Guys Mill, PA USA - 2/5/98

Thank you, Petrene, for listening to me, and for caring enough, to answer my questions. I am a beginner, and this is all new to me. I appreciate your kindness and honesty.

Nancy S. - Houston, TX USA - 12/21/97

I can't thank Petrene enough for changing my life and opening me to a whole new world. I see life different than I did 6 months ago and live totally different due to her and her positive guidance. She has given my 2 personal readings and has been about I would say 100% accurate but not only that she gave me the courage to explore a new universe and holistic level in my life that has become a positive part of my every day living.

Lucie T. - Marlboro, MD USA - 11/25/97

Thank you very much for your wonderful letter. I feel like a new person and I will do what you say... I was so happy tears were running down my cheeks. Everything you said about me is true. Thank you again and I will let you know about my future.

Janice G. - Clarksville, TN USA - 11/16/97

NEWS HEADLINE: Top Psychic Petrene Soames AGAIN predicts accurate events in the life of Janice G.!!! (...) I have really come a long way from the person I was 6 months ago. Your ability to help people find their inner strength is priceless. Cyber hugs to you :) {{{{Petrene}}}}

Jerry W. - Kansas City, MO USA - 11/03/97

On May 25th, 1995, Petrene responded to my letter, answering several questions correctly. I then asked about some of my investments in the stock and bond market. She responded by stating that between late October and November 1997, there would be great uncertainty in the market and the Dow average would drop substantially. On October 28th, the Dow Jones average, had the biggest point drop in history. I think this speaks for itself.

Lorrie K. - N. Canton, OH USA - 09/21/97

I am glad that I came by your page and I am looking forward to speaking to you real soon.

Jim K. - Humble, TX USA - 09/15/97

Your site looks great... Keep up the magic...

Cori D. - Houston, TX USA - 09/08/97

I have had 4 sessions with Petrene (2 rebirthings and 2 readings). Many of her "predictions" have come to pass, and she has been quite accurate with details regarding several areas of my life. Petrene is very professional, and a very positive person! I have confidence in her abilities, and she has definitely earned my respect. Not only has she put my mind at ease about certain situations, but she has given me direction when I felt like I was spinning in circles. My personal experiences with Petrene have been very rewarding.... She truly IS amazing!

Carla M. - Prince Rupert, BC USA - 08/31/97

I am really wanting a psychic reading... I really love your website. Enjoyed myself very much. I never had a chance to get board. So much to see and so much to do. Thanks for everything.

Daniel J. - Memphis, TN USA - 08/31/97

I hope this helps me on the start of my journey.

Claire M. - Scotland - 08/21/97

Very Helpful - another piece of the jigsaw.

Kimimila - Norman, OK USA - 08/14/97

I got your newsletter while in Sedona this summer... 'Looking though the Sun' proved to hold much meaning. Your site is great. I liked all the progression descriptions.

Alicia P. - Longmont, CO USA - 08/18/97

Very nice Web Site. I sense that you're a very high level gifted psychic and intend to contact you for a personal reading.

Lorelei S. - Castle Rock, CO USA - 07/31/97

I have has some good experiences with psychics in the past. I enjoyed your site and plan to return often.

Cathleen N B. - Lufkin, TX USA - 07/09/97

My first visit to your site, but I have heard of you before, I plan to contact you soon!

Anita S. - New Delphi India - 06/26/97

A well laid out and easy to use web site. In fact this is the first time I am using the Internet and E-mail so I am very exited. I think I am going to be hooked on this web site for a pretty long time.

Raul D. - Hamden, CT USA - 06/26/97

I checked your WEBSITE after seeing your URL in your FATE ad and was not disappointed. Congratulations on being on the cutting edge

Alexander R. - Las Vegas, NV USA - 06/06/97

I just have to say that I love this site. It has really changed my perspective on the world. Keep up the great work.

Starseed - Columbus, MS USA - 05/22/97

I enjoyed your web site, I found the URL in FATE Magazine while reading an article called "Solving Tomorrow's Problems Today". I hope to be able to participate in future conferences. I have always been drawn to the Paranormal stuff, I don't know why? I ordered the book "Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed" It is one of the most fascinating books on the market, I recommend this book for enlightenment.

Ondrej P. - SLOVAK Republic 05/13/97

I sense information on positive thoughts in this form first time. I am happy that have founded your site.

J. S. - Roggel The Netherlands - 05/13/97

I saw a letter of you in 'Uri Geller's Encounters' with a URL. Easy to use index. Pages are constructed very well. Not too much graphics = quicker loading. I found a lot of information, thank you.

Spaida M. - The Woodlands, TX USA - 05/13/97

Phenomenal Page.

Tamra T. - Mt. Annan, NSW Australia - 05/02/97

I found this page very informative and a great help to me in my own quest for enlightenment.

Heather M. - Campbelltown, NSW AUSTRALIA - 05/02/97

While, surfing, I found your page, and am impressed, have read the 'Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed. by Joshua Shapiro, whom I was lucky to met. I got to sit with the crystal skull and the smoky quartz one and had a wonderful experience. I have had Star people contact since I was quite young. Your page is absolutely wonderful. I'll be back, at sometime, I am trying to create the Moonwinds Lodge here in Campbelltown, as there is definitely a need. So if you're ever down under please e-mail me before hand. Love and Light always. Many Blessings - Love Heather

Brian J. M. - Brownsville, TX USA - 03/21/97

Groovy page!

Barbara C. - Salisbury, MD USA - 03/21/97

Heard you on WCBM, Baltimore. Enjoyed the show. Keep up the spirit!

James H. - Spring, TX USA - 02/23/97

Great Site. Heard about it at a shop in Old Town Spring.

Chief Tom T. - Cotati, CA USA - 02/22/97

A most excellent page and very informative! Keep up the great work

Wendi Jean L. - Ann Arbor, MI USA - 02/17/97

Wonderful information, thank you!

Virginia Ruth P. - The Woodlands, TX USA - 02/14/97

It was a pleasure meeting you last night. Thanks for the positive thought.

Carlos G. - Xalapa, VER MEXICO - 02/11/97

Pages like this are wonderfully useful in he web for spiritual instruction. I hope to be able to collaborate with you in the publishing of some of the spiritual data. Thank you very much.

Robin G. - Fort Smith, AR USA - 02/04/97

Wow! What "luck" that I ran across this web site. I'll definitely be back. Hopefully, it will be to obtain a reading from you.... Keep up the inspiration!

Jane D. - Gardiner, ME USA - 02/02/97

I really enjoyed reading the information you have on these pages. I'll be back.

Marie H. - Fort Collins, CO USA - 02/01/97

Impressed with your abilities. Hope to have a reading in the near future.

Mary A. K. - Kansas City, MO USA - 01/28/97

I find your Web page and abilities to be fascinating.

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