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Sherry   March 25, 2014 6:54:15 PM 
The first time I have come to see Petrene was in 2011. I had so many questions and answered them all with clarity. During that session we were able to speak to my grandfather that passed a few years ago. She describe him and his personality and was spot on! I felt so relieved and at peace and was finally able to let go of my grandfather.

I contacted Patrene again this year (2014) to ask for guidance in some things happening in my life and again I was happy and at peace with the answers she gave me.

I asked her to contact to my Brother in law that passed last year. Again, she was spot on with what happened to him, description of him and his personality. She knew so much that even I didnt know, but his wife did.

Patrene is very gifted and it blows me away how incredibly talented she is. She is very professional, but so friendly that it feels more like a friendly conversation. There has never been a moment that I felt anything negative from her. If you are looking for a comfortable person to seek guidance from then she is the person you need to talk to.

Many thanks Patrene, again you are truly an amazing person! Happy Cry

Greg Las Vegas   May 14, 2014 1:59:02 PM 
Las Vegas
Thanks again Petrene. Once again your advice is to the point and precise and a great help. I'll let you know the outcome this week. Hope all is well with you. Hugs to you also!

Greg Las Vegas,5/14/2014

B from London   May 20, 2014 11:54:01 PM 
I have recently used The Process for the first time and being acquainted with and having completed many other 'self help' programmes that work on helping you create shifts in your life, my first impression when starting it was, 'This will be something that I can use again and again.'

Have you ever done one of these programmes and got a buzz and was highly motivated the first time and then a few days after you've finished, it's over and when you try it again it's totally anti-climatic? Well with The Process, it's so subtle, and non invasive and you sometimes think, nothing is happening but, believe me, it is.

I used it to get me focused on moving towards my dream career and when going through it, I was charged with an energy to get everything essential done and then work on what I need to do to get it there.

I completed it two days ago and can still feel it's positive energy. Unfortunately and unrelated to The Process, I had to revisit some really negative emotions whilst doing it because I am involved in a legal case and had things that had to be dealt with, and even though I had things that really could make me feel angry and frustrated, I managed to keep in control and still maintain a drive towards my goals.

When I was released from the demands of the legal case, I moved forward with The Process as though nothing had happened.

I am really looking forward to doing it again without major distractions. I see it as a great tool to use when I need to start focusing on something specific like starting a new diet and exercise regime, or focusing on making a big life changing decision. I can't quite figure out all the permutations for using it for myself, but whenever my life needs some positive input and I'm unsure where to go, it's there whilst I seek the answers.

The pictures are so beautiful and combined with the positive thought cards creates inspirational unique messages that speak intuitively. Because of this, no day or experience can be exactly the same.

It worked for me on a subliminal level and really got me moving towards my goals. There is a feeling that nothing is happening, but when you look at the changes afterwards and see how you are reacting to things and coping in difficult situations, you see it has.

And all this without having to read long chapters or listen to a recording for hours every week. And the journalling at night, helped me to keep track of all the new ideas that came.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of using The Process and I hope it helps everybody in the way they need it to.

Best wishes

B from London

Monika   September 6, 2014 7:48:12 AM 
Athens, Greece
Petrene's methods are scandalously simple. But it is exactly this simplicity which makes them accessible to everyone ( whether rich or poor, royals or paupers ). Her effectiveness is without question, try her and you will be amazed. I believe that a session with Petrene is one of the 10 things that a person needs to do in their lifetime. Regression with Petrene is an invaluable gift that one can give to ones self. I thank Petrene because she helped me to leave my past behind.

Petrene is unique, outstanding and excellent at what she does, she does amazing work. I feel grateful and thank the universe that I met her.

Julie   January 13, 2015 9:33:17 PM 
You are, by far, the most ACCURATE and wisest reader that I have ever been to. Be prepared, your mind WILL be blown!! Petrene is a Psychic's Psychic, where we go to for guidance and the 'next step'. I feel that I have already "grown/expanded" since making your acquaintance, in more ways than visions last night were much more colorful and intense and the chattering of Spirit was noticeably greater. I do feel your energy is "activating" me. I am excited to take this to the next step and do the re-birthing and the healing (would love to see if we can "release" this what I think is a past life neck issue in this life.) I can't wait to see who I am without the pain...nice!!!!! Thank You and God Bless You Petrene Soames for all of your hard work and devotion in helping others. We are so very lucky to have you living in America. Smiles! With Love and Gratitude,
Julie B. St. Louis, Missouri

Nikos   July 22, 2015 11:24:26 AM 
Athens, Greece
I got to know about Rebirthing and Regression with Petrene through my wife. I tried them in equal parts because I was curious but also because i wanted to improve my relationship with my wife and refresh and "reset" myself in regards to the congestion and long term exhaustion that I felt. Moving forwards I saw that there was a noted and big clearing on emotional and mental levels and that I was helped a great deal, receiving good opportunities to develop my family life and to have an everyday work life without conflict.

Karen Thomas Davidson   October 24, 2015 11:26:46 PM 
Houston, Tx
I have been a very satisfied and frequent client of Petrene's for eight years. As a female business owner, I have found her services to be invaluable. She is extraordinarily intuitive, proactive in her comments and suggestions, honest and direct in her counsel. I would not make a major move in my business without consulting her. As a result, my business has grown exponentially. Sessions have not only assisted me in understanding the perspective of others, they have also enabled me to grow by better understanding my own thoughts/behaviors. This, in turn, has provided me with the priceless opportunity to grow, personally and spiritually. In addition to working with Petrene on business and personal projects, she had also assisted us in identifying issues affecting our animals. She is a very precious resource. We are fortunate that she is based in our city, Houston, Texas.

Karen Thomas Davidson

Patty Rodriguez   January 14, 2016 3:35:35 AM 
WOW!!! UNBELIEVABLE!! Coming from a single parent who is trying to strive in life alone with my son. I just want to say thank you for answering questions/doubts I had. It really amazed me on how you knew some personal stuff and were able to answer my questions. Your response gave me peace, a happy cry, hope and strength in life. I was just amazed on how you knew so many things, that nobody knew or was able to know. I will definitely take your advise via knowing how a true Medium you are and will continue to stay in contact with you.

Thank you,
A single Parent-Patty Rodriguez Smile Clapping Happy Cry


Kate   April 15, 2016 1:11:47 AM 
The rebirthing session was life changing. I feel like a new person and feel more secure about my life. I would highly suggest trying out- petrene thank you so much for everything!

Suzie Lenfant   August 25, 2016 3:32:35 AM 
A few months ago one if my indoor, skittish kitties got out. Tyke was out for 3 nights. Finally on the 4th night I reached Petrene. She sent my Tyke a message and in less than one hour Tyke came bolting through the door. So grateful for Petrene.

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