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Sofianna   December 26, 2012 7:11:49 PM 
Athens, Greece
“The Essence of Self-Healing” by Petrene Soames is without a doubt an amazing work of wisdom, sensitivity and deep love for a humanity which is ill and suffering on a physical as well as mental and spiritual level. According to Petrene our health is completely connected to our thoughts and beliefs and it is up to us – and only us – to safeguard it. It is really an impressive book which offers an abundance of practical advice for our own self-healing and gives comfort in times of pain and disappointment. For sure it is a book which reminds us all that real Strength and Healing is found inside of our Selves.

Stavroula   December 26, 2012 7:12:47 PM 
Athens, Greece
“The Essence of Self-Healing” is a very good and very positive book!! It is full of Positive Thoughts!!

Giannis   December 26, 2012 7:13:34 PM 
Athens, Greece
Petrene Soames must be a wonderful person - I have already started reading the book and it really is sweet and warm...

Eleni   December 26, 2012 7:14:26 PM 
Athens, Greece
I finished the book yesterday. It really is wonderful. I liked it very much!!! I started to use some of the exercises, especially those to help me let go of everything I no longer need and I can see that they are very helpful... The exercises in the book are many and it is still difficult for me to remember them all and especially which one to use for each situation and so I do what I remember each time... I am of course seeing results! And so I continue...

Thank you very much!!! It is a book which offers a great deal to humanity and I am grateful.

Anna   December 26, 2012 7:15:19 PM 
Athens, Greece
I take pen to paper and begin to write... It is a bit of a mess, somehow all mixed up together in my head but I know that by writing it will slowly all be put in order...

I said “no more pain!” and... that was that!!! It was so simple in the end...
“But how is this possible?”, I said to myself... “Is this not something you could have thought of yourself??? And it's been so many months of pain too!!!”

I found many truths in Petrene's Book “The Essence of Self Healing”... Bitter truths...
For example: Pain makes us feel “alive” and because it is a bittersweet feeling, in some completely masochistic way we like it and find it difficult ( or more to the point we don't want.. ) to let it go.
Now I know how I can heal myself... It is a wonderful feeling.

When our faith in ourselves is shaken, when we wonder where on earth our mind/logic has gone, when we f eel it is impossible to deal with our emotions and we are sure that “i must be doing something wrong!”...

After reading the book I feel that my belief in myself has been reinstated. I trust myself again. I am sure now that my logic exists and is right because it is backed up by my emotions, which are always right because they are guided by my instincts, which yes!, are always right!

What a shame I didn't know all of this earlier... But it is never too late. I remember the example of the 80 year old woman in the book. She “got it” when she was 80! Who am I to complain?

I am enjoying the time I spend with myself now, with my thoughts, with my daughter, with my home... I S.E.E.... I don't just look.... It is amazing!!!

To say thank you is so small in my case but I feel it and I mean it... A LOT!

Vasiliki   December 26, 2012 7:16:39 PM 
Athens, Greece
Lately I have been trying to find the peace that I have lost and in this search have read many books. One of these has been “The Essence of Self-Healing” by Petrene Soames. This book has given me the belief that I may be able to find it again...

Katerina   December 26, 2012 7:17:55 PM 
It is amazing how Petrene can answer my questions even before I start to express them... I can see that every time I have a session with her my soul becomes lighter and things inside me fall into their rightful place... I want to take this opportunity to send you my love and to express my endless gratitude to you for your support and for the Essential help you offer me - for the work we do together...


Anon   October 3, 2013 3:28:58 PM 
I have known Petrene for over 20 years, and consulted her in person when she lived in South London and do so now, over the phone. I have consulted her on many issues occurring in my life. Because she is genuine, she has the certainty that she is right and she says what is right i.e. what she sees which, in many cases, has not always seemed to be true, logical or even possible to me. However in time, when the truth has been revealed to me, I have found that she was absolutely spot on!

She communicates in such a clear way and can 'tune in', getting right to the core of the issues/situations you have partially related to her.

If you haven’t used her services before, I would highly recommend that you try. You will not be disappointed.

B in London

Amanda L.   March 6, 2014 3:33:37 PM 
The Woodlands, TX
The most warmth & understanding ive ever felt , only a few minutes into the session I had with Petrene Embarrased it has opened me up much more spirituality and im better able to believe in my self with much more confidence.

Many thanks!


Shana   March 7, 2014 9:36:01 PM 
I just saw Petrene for the first time in Nov.2013. Since then I have had a few readings done. Yesterday I had energy work done for the first time by Petrene. Let me give you a little background…I lost two of my brothers June 2013…the same month my parents decided to divorce after 37 years…I am also going through my own divorce…and now the sale of my home. To say the least I have been through a pretty rough past 9 months. I did not want to use pharmaceuticals after they almost caused my mom to commit suicide this past December. After my session with Petrene yesterday…I am completely amazed how I feel! After one session I feel already my old self coming back! I can’t imagine after the next one and am so excited for it! Petrene has definitely changed my life for the better through her readings for advice/guidance and now her energy work! I have been to psychics before…never met one as talented as Petrene! Highly recommend her!!!!!!

So grateful for Petrene!!

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