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Corrie   September 7, 2012 4:59:12 PM 
The Woodlands, TX
I've gone to Petrene over the years for many readings. She has NEVER failed to deliver! She has cleared my mind, calmed my soul, and given me direction when I felt I had none. Petrene tells it like it is - I HIGHLY recommend her! She's professional, yet someone I'm proud to call "FRIEND"! xo


Susan Fisher   September 17, 2012 1:15:39 PM 
San Antonio, TX
I have been using Petrene for personal guidance and growth for 3 years. My son had been seeing a therapist for 4 years. I decided to let him have a session with Petrene and she accomplished more with him in 1 session than his therapist had in years ! She is an amazing person. Very honest yet never rude or offensive. I look forward to checking in with her every 3 months for direction and ideas. She is extremely insightful and I always ask if I have any messages from loved ones who have passed. She brings much comfort to me. I had been trying different psychics and card readers for 20 years. After using Petrene I have not used anyone else. I am very satisfied with her services.

Mark G   October 17, 2012 3:42:52 PM 
Petrene is the real deal. Very accurate and inspiring reading. My mother passed away recently and Petrene helped me greatly to see her life more clearly and learn to accept my feelings. I have had readings in the past but none that were as insightful, revealing and helpful as Petrene.

Katerina   December 26, 2012 7:03:18 PM 
The way in which Petrene gets to the heart of any problem is amazingly accurate.

She works with commitment and enthusiasm and in a disciplined, completely professional and non manipulative way. I consider her a trusted and discreet friend who never judges and who has enough patience for when I react or become stubborn and who knows how to support and lift me up.

The only thing I need to do during our sessions is to sit on the welcoming couch and express myself with complete honesty and then, having left, be sincere in my effort to change my way of thinking about and dealing with the challenges of my life.

I leave the “dirty work” to her, as she knows how to effectively “empty” and “clear” and organize my ideas, beliefs and preconceptions.

She has helped me to see who I am, where I am, what I am doing and what I want and has helped me to be able to state, simply and clearly, what I don't want.

I feel free of the weight of my past ( which I remember I used to describe as a gray landscape full of huge thorns ) and the most important thing of all, I am calmer because I was able with her help to really forgive, accept ( which I do think is one of the most difficult things to be able to do ) and understand the people in my life.

Petrene said to me that I am nearing the end of my journey and search and that I am strong enough now to continue on alone with the new adventures in my life. I acted as if I hadn't heard and didn't say anything about what she said as I want to keep having contact with her.

I like people with such special, positive, strengthening energy and I am very pleased to receive it.

For the light, for “all the colors and fragrances of the world”, for “all the stars of the universe” which she teaches me how to find inside of myself, I will be forever grateful.

Katerina P.   December 26, 2012 7:04:37 PM 
Athens, Greece
Petrene is an amazing woman who gives meaning to my life.

She helps me to better understand who I am and to be in contact with and use what I have inside myself and simply... to be well!

She is also like my guardian Angel, she saves me from mishaps, she offers me some of the wisdom and guidance of the universe, she answers my everyday and also my metaphysical questions and worries and the most important thing of all... when I fall she teaches me how to get up!!!

May you always be well Petrene, thank you so much!

Panagiota S.   December 26, 2012 7:05:55 PM 
Athens, Greece
There is a moment in your life when you feel that you are inside a tunnel. It isn't something in your mind, it is real. Or at least that is how you experience/feel it, you are in there and feel that no-one can get you out...

It was at a time like this, 4 years ago, that I met Petrene, with whose help I saw things that I never imagined that I would be able to see. And yet they were always there, inside me...

Through sessions with Petrene, I learnt how to love myself and as a result of that how to love others. I found answers to problems which had been on my mind for years and guidance on everyday levels as well. I traveled mentally to the past and the future and I saw how relative time and space are and how easily we can deal with and face issues which frighten us...

The results really are worth it... Our lives are too valuable to be living only on the dark side...

With much love and many kisses...

Konstantina   December 26, 2012 7:06:59 PM 
Athens, Greece
After my Regression with Petrene, the fingers on my left hand which up till then always hurt when I bent them no longer hurt! It is amazing! I also feel greater self-confidence, have more belief in myself and see things in a more positive light, with greater awareness. It has helped me a great deal in my new life. Petrene really is unique in what she does, I can't thank her enough...

Nectaria   December 26, 2012 7:08:38 PM 
Athens, Greece
It is true that with this pregnancy, I feel like all of the positive parts of myself are coming out... Positivity, strength and sureness. I feel like the work that I have done with Petrene over the last few years, which I have done for myself, is like a big tree which has flowered and which will soon bear fruit, big juicy fruit with soft gentle colors, on all levels... I feel lucky that I have met Petrene in my life, she has helped me and helps very much and more than anything else she has shown me the colors and light on my path...

Rodis   December 26, 2012 7:09:51 PM 
Athens, Greece
I feel much better with myself and everything seems perfect! Thank you very much Petrene because I was searching for years to find you and the light which you gave me!
The way that I feel about our sessions, they are like going out to the theater and watching and directing your life! For sure it is not the last performance, actually, I feel that the season has only just begun... I mean, who wouldn't want to watch their life unfold and played out exactly as they had imagined – and so easily and quickly too? Petrene, thank you, you have lit up the stage of my life in the most amazing way...

With love...

Nectaria   December 26, 2012 7:10:57 PM 
Athens, Greece
“The Essence of Self Healing” is a book written in a very simple and easy to understand way. I have read it many times and I continue to re-read it, discovering each time a new aspect. Petrene, after she helps you to understand the unconventional stance that sickness is a choice, teaches you to see yourself and the world in such a simple and intuitive way... Free from the fog of technical jargon you are then able to realize the root of the problem which is expressing itself as illness and to free yourself from that.

The simple exercises and techniques in the book are brilliant, small journeys inside yourself and outside yourself, beyond yourself. I now use them often, whether it is to free myself from small pains and annoyances or whether it is to maintain a feeling of health and well-being.

I am an avid reader and I recommend this book without any hesitation, it is not only a useful and enjoyable book but above all else, offers a window with a view to humanity beyond sickness.

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