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Media Listing
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Access Houston [Houston, TX - USA]
American Independent TV [Las Vegas, USA]

Show: Saturday Night Backstage Live
Anglia Magic and Mystery Show [UK]
Carlton Television [UK]

Show: Paul McKenna Show Host: Paul McKenna

Show: Seeing Ghosts
Comedy Central [Nationwide, USA]

Show: The Daily Show
ETT Today [Taipei, Taiwan]

Show: ETT Today New Report
FOX KABB [San Antonio, TX - USA]

Show: Focus on Texas
FOX Network [Houston, TX - USA]

Show: Evening Show Host: Joe Smith

Show: News Show
FTV NEWS [Taipei, Taiwan]
Granada Media ITV UK [London, UK]

Show: This Morning Show Host: John Leslie and Fern
KMGH ABC Channel 7 [Denver, CO - USA]

Show: Early Morning Show
KNWS 51 [Houston, TX - USA]
KRQE TV Ch. 13 CBS [Albuquerque, NM - USA]

Show: Morning News
KTRK ABC 13 [Houston, TX - USA]

Show: Debra Duncan Show Host: Debra Duncan

Show: News
KUHT [Houston, TX - USA]

Show: Weekday
London Tonight [UK]

Show: London Tonight
Much Channel 38 [Taipei, Taiwan]

Show: Chiu Zang book Show Host: Chiu Zang

Show: Psychic the Six Sense
NET [Athens, Greece]

Show: NET - 10-2 Host: Rika Vagianni and Poppy Tsapanidou
SETTV [Taipei, Taiwan]

The Danny Baker Show [UK]

Show: The Danny Baker Show Host: Danny Baker
The James Randi Show [UK]

Show: The James Randi Show Host: James Randi
The Time The Place [UK]

Show: The Time The Place
TVBS [Taipei, Taiwan]

WB 35 - KRRT [San Antonio, TX - USA]

Show: Focus on South Texas Host: Virginia Lovelady


850KOA [Denver, CO - USA]

Show: After midnight with Rick Barber Host: Rick Barber
97.8 The Edge [Hamilton, New Zealand]
BBC 3 Counties Radio [London., UK]

Show: Finding Roxy
BBC London Live 94.9 [London, UK]

Show: Paul Coyte Show Host: Paul Coyte
BBC Northampton [UK]

BBC Radio 5 [UK]

Host: Brent Pilnick
BBC Wales [Cardiff, Wales]

Show: Jamie Owen Show Host: Jamie Owen
CFOS [North Toronto, ONT - Canada]
CIUT [Toronto, Canada]

Show: Morning Show Host: Rick Vassallo
CJAD 800 AM [Montreal, Canada]

Show: Holder Overnight Host: Peter Anthony Holder
CKNW [Vancouver, BC - Canada] [New York, NY - USA]

Show: Kramer and Johnson Show Host: Lori Kramer
FM96 [Toronto, Canada]

Show: Pete Jeff and Mindy Show Host: Pete
KAHI [Sacremento, Calif - USA]

Show: Pop OFF Host: Mary Jane Pott
KBAR1230AM [Idaho, USA]

Show: In the dark radio Host: Bill shields
KBOS 94.9 [Fresno, CA - USA]

Show: The Juice Crew Host: Chi Chi Lee - G Man - Andre
KBXX [Houston, TX - USA]
KCCG [Corpus Christi, TX - USA]

Show: Millinder in the morning
KCMO [Westwood, KS - USA]
KCOL [Fort Collins, CO - USA]

Show: Lights on with Nancy Lee Host: Nancy Lee
KDJF [Willmar, MN - USA]

Host: Crystal Vixie
KEEZ [North Mankato, MN - USA]

Show: Greg and Chad morning Show Host: Greg and Chad
KFKA [Greeley, CO - USA]

Show: Colorad Am Host: Bob Bernd
KFMW [Waterloo, IA - USA]

Show: The Big Show Host: Scott Steele
KFRC [San Francisco, CA - USA]

KGO [San Francisco, CA - USA]

Show: The Afternoon News on KGO News Host: Rosie Allen and Greg Jarrett

Show: This Evening Show Host: Rosie and Greg
KHBG [Santa Rosa, CA - USA]
KHMX [Houston, TX - USA]
KHTO [Springfield, MO - USA]

Show: The Early Morning Show Host: Jay Shannon
KHYS [Houston, TX - USA]

Show: Coffee In The Morning Host: Paul Cook
KKNK [Rapid City, SD - USA]
KKOB [Albuquerque, NM - USA]
KKXL [Grand Forks, ND - USA]
KLAV [Las Vegas, NV - USA]

Show: Star date 2100 Host: Cattel

Show: We tell it like it is Host: Linda
KLDE [Houston, TX - USA]
KLGR [Redwood Falls, MN - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Jim and Laura
KLSC [Sikeston, MO - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Sandra Quort
KLYD [San Francisco, TX - USA]

Show: The DogHouse Host: Elvis and JV
KLYV [Dubuque, IA - USA]
KNAW [Denver, CO - USA]

Show: Rick Barber Show Host: Rick Barber
KNUU - KNews 970 AM [Las Vegas, NV - USA]

Show: Afternoon News Show Host: Andy Vierra
KOA [Denver, CO - USA]

Show: Rick Barber s Show Host: Rick Barber
KPAM [Portland, OR - USA]

Show: The Jimmy Hollister Show Host: Jimmy Hollister
KPCL [Sheveport, LA - USA]

Show: Stategies for Living Host: David McMillian
KQDS [Delois, MN - USA]

Show: KQ Morning Show Host: Bill and Jason
KQWB [Fargo, ND - US]
KRBO [Las Vegas, NV - US]
KSAN [San Francisco, CA - US]
KSFR [Santa Fe, NM - USA]

Show: The Journey Home Radio Show Host: Diego Mulligan
KSII [El Paso, TX - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Mike - Vick and Laura
KSMA [Santa Barbara, CA - USA]

Show: News Talk first edition Host: Doug and Hoot.
KSRO [Santa Rosa, CA - USA]
KSTP [Twin Cities, MN - USA]

Show: Ben and Cheryl Morning Show Host: Ben and Cheryl
KTKT [Tuscon, AZ - USA]

Show: The Bert Lee show Host: Bert Lee
KTNN [Window Rock, AZ - USA]
KTOX 1340am [Needles, CA - USA]

Show: Dave Mitchell Host: Dave Mitchell
KTRS [St Louis, MO - USA]

Show: NightTalk with the NightHawk Host: George Noory
KUCI [Irvine, CA - USA]

Show: Trend Talk Host: Deborah Keith and Dr. Paula Norris
KUFX [San Jose, CA - USA]
KUTQ [Salt Lake City, UT - USA]
KVET [Austin, TX - USA]
KVJY [Harlingen, TX - USA]
KVMI [Fargo, ND - USA]

Show: The Ben and Jim Morning Show Host: Ben and Jim
KVOR [Denver, CO - USA]

KWOD 106.5 [Sacremento, CA - USA]

Show: Dave .Boomber and Lisa morning show.
KX96 [Ajax, ONT - Canada]
KXAM [Phoenix, AZ - USA]

KXTQ [Lubbock, TX - USA]

Show: Cruze and Roby Show
KYMN [Northfield, MN - USA]
KYNG Fm 105.3 [Dallas, TX - USA]

Show: Vocal Points Host: Lauri Dodd
KZIM [Cape Girardeau, MO - USA]

Show: The Morning News Watch Host: Faune Riggin
KZST [Santa Rosa, CA - USA]

Show: Sonoma County Speaking Host: Gregg Gallagher [San Carlos, CA - USA]

Show: Inside Books Host: Chuck Englund

Show: Talk Back
Liberty Works Radio Network [Nationwide, Canada]

Show: Dr. Kassorla Show Host: Dr. Kassorla

Show: The X-Zone Radio Show Host: Rob McConnell
Millennium Radio Network [Worldwide, USA]

Show: Mysteries of the mind Host: Alex Merklinger
National Network [Nationwide, USA]

Show: Ken Hamblin Show Host: Ken Hamblin
SOMAS Entertainment Network [Nationwide, USA]
Supertalk 97.5 [Houston, TX - USA]

Show: Supernatrual Saturday Night Host: Laurie kendrick
Talk America 2 [New York, NY - USA]

Show: The Edge of Reality

Show: The Tony Trupiano Show Host: Tony Trupiano
Talk America Network [Las Vegas, NV - USA]

Show: The Next Dimension Host: Patte Purcell
TalkSport London [London, UK]

Show: James Whale Show Host: James Whale
Texas Public Radio [San Antonio, TX - USA]

Host: Kathy Coulehan

Show: Everyday Paranormal Monthly Feature Host: Petrene Soames
The Howard Stern Show [Nationwide, USA]

Show: The Howard Stern Show Host: Howard Stern
TRN - Talk Radio Network [Nationwide, USA]

Show: Strange Universe Host: Davis Ruben

Show: Paul Gonzalez Show

Show: Victoria Jones
Voice of America LLC [Nationwide, USA]

Show: Financial Health Host: Mindy Felcman
WAAT [Scranton, PA - USA]

Show: Positive Press Radio Host: Connie Giblin
WAAT 750 AM [Scranton, PA - USA]

Show: Michael Steel show Host: Michael Steel
WAJR [West Virginia, WV - USA]
WASL [New Orleans, LA - USA]

Show: The Keith Rush show Host: Keith Rush
WATH 970 AM [Ohio, IL - USA]

Show: Health Matters Host: Tia Trivson

Show: Health Matters Host: Tia Trivison
WAXY [Tampa, FL - USA]

Show: Teen Live Wire

Show: The Ruth and Ed Shaw Show Host: Ed Shaw
WBAW [Barnwell, SC - USA]
WBIG [Aurora, IL - USA]

Show: Paul Morgan Morning Show Host: Paul Morgan
WBLM [Portland, OR - USA]
WBOQ 104.9 FM [North Beverly, MA - USA]

Show: Daybreak Host: Dana Hersey - Kendall Buhl and JP Lewis
WBSM [Fairhaven, MA - USA]
WBT RADIO [Charlotte, NC - USA]

Show: Keith Larson Show Host: Keith Larson
WCBM [Baltimore, MD - USA]

Show: The Zoe Show
WCKO [Virginia Beach, VA - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Mike and Vicki
WCMY [Ottawa, IL - USA]

Show: The Morning Meeting Host: Jill and Dan
WDRE [Jenkintown, PA - USA]
WEEU 830 AM [Reading, PA - USA]

Show: Straight Talk (Internet Show) Host: Nick Lawrence
WFAD [Middlebury, VT - USA]

Show: Good Morning Show Host: Jerry - Germaine
WFBG [Altoona, PA - USA]
WFHN [Fairhaven, MA - USA]
WFLA [Tampa, FL - USA]
WFLY [Albany, NY - USA]
WFXW [Chicago, IL - USA]
WGNY [New York, NY - USA]
WHAS [Louisville, KY - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Bob Sokoler
WHB [Kansas City, KS - USA]
WHBY [Green Bay, WI - USA]

Show: Mad dog and Meryl morning show
WHBY-AM [Appleton, WI - USA]

Show: Middays with Mad Dog and Merrill Host: Mad Dog and Merrill
WHPY 11.50 AM [Greensbay, WI - USA]

Show: Middays with Mad dog and Merryl Host: Mad dog and Merryl
WIBC [Indianapolis, IN - USA]
WICH/WCGY Radio [Norwich, CT - USA]

Show: Stu Briar Morning show Host: Stu Briar
WIOD [Miami, FL - USA]
WIXC 1060AM [Miami, FL - USA]

Show: Richard and the Nutritionist Host: Linda Garrison
WIYY [Baltimore, MD - USA]
WJKM [Nashville, TN - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Ted Randall
WJR Detroit [Detroit, MI - USA]

Show: Secrets to Good Health Host: Vanessa Deha
WKCT [Bowling Green, KY - USA]

Show: Drive Time Host: Allan Palmer
WKRZ [Pittston, PA - USA]

Show: The Afternoon Drive Host: Jumpin Jeff Walker
WLAD [Denver, CT - USA]

Show: Morning Show Host: Peter Summers
WLAP [Lexington, KT - USA]

Show: Morning Team Host: Alan - Tom
WLPO - AM [La Salle, IL - USA]

Show: Coffe Club Host: Don Zuckowsky
WMAL 630 AM [Washington, DC - USA]

Show: Charlie Warren Show Host: Dennis

Show: Doc In The House Host: Dr. Henry Fishman
WMTR [Cedar Knolls, NJ - USA]

Show: Jessie Frees Host: Jessie Frees
WMUB [Oxford, OH - USA]

Show: Interconnect Host: Cheri Lawson and John Hingsbergen
WMXJ [Miami, FL - USA]

Show: Rick and Donna Morning Show Host: Rick and Donna
WNAX [Sioux City, SD - USA]
WNNK [Harrisburg, PA - USA]
WNTA [Rockford, IL - USA]
WONC [Naperville, IL - USA]
WOR [New York, NY - USA]

Show: Joan Rivers Show Host: Joan Rivers
WORLD RADIO INC [Binghanton, NY - USA]
WPBR [Lake Worth, FL - USA]
WPEP [Taunton, MA - USA]

Show: The Street Host: Wayne Tropicana
WPHT [Philadelphia, PA - USA]
WPON [Detroit, MI - USA]
WPOP [Hartford, CN - USA]
WQBH [Detroit, MI - USA]

Show: Back to Back
WRCX [Chicago, IL - USA]
WRFG [Atlanta, GA - USA]

WRNE [Pensacola, FL - USA]
WRUW FM 91.1 [Cleveland, OH - USA]

Show: Healthy People Radio Host: Helene Burke
WSAD [Middlesbury, VT - USA]

Show: Morning Dialouge with Jerry Germaine Host: Jerry Germaine

Show: Morning Show Host: Denise - Brian - Deny
WSAR [Somerset, MA - USA]

Show: NightLight Host: Bee Brahm and Wayne Metrano

Show: Nightlight Host: Bee and Wayne

Show: The Todd Damon Show Host: Todd Damon
WSAU [Wausau, WI - USA]

Show: Central Wisconsin s Morning News Host: Pat Snyder
WSKY [Gainesville, FL - USA]

Show: David Essel Alive Host: David Essel
WSUB [Groton, CT - USA]
WTIX [New Orleans, LA - USA]

Show: Ron Hunter night show
WVKS [Toledo, OH - USA]
WWOW [Youngstown, OH - USA]

Show: The Louie Free Show Host: Louie Free
WYCT [Baton Rouge, LA - USA]
WYRE - 810 AM [Annapolis, MD - USA]

Show: The Zoh Show Host: Zoh Hieronimus
WYRK [Buffalo, NY - USA]

Show: Issues and Views Host: Bob Hill
WZMX [Hartford, CN - USA]
WZYX [Cowan, TN - USA]

Show: Sound Off Host: Jeff Pennington


Aquarius [Roswell, GA - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Austin Fit [Austin, TX - USA]
Colorado Woman News [CO - USA]
Concepts [Anaheim, CA - USA]
Conscious Living - Australia [Leederville, Australia]

Author: Petrene Soames
Creations Magazine [Sea Cliff, NY - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Encounters [UK]
Eva [UK]

Article: Psychic Petrene will take you into your future...
Fate Magazine [US]

Article: Solving tomorrow s problems today Author: Valerie Jones
Girl about Town [UK]
Healing Today [UK]

Author: Petrene Soames
Houston People Scene [USA]
Houston Pet Talk [Houston, TX - USA]
JazzImprov [USA]
Knoxville Perspectives [Knoxville, TN - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Las Vegas Review Journal [USA]

Author: Joe Hawk
Lesbian News [Torrance, CA - USA]
Life and style weekly [Englewood cliffs, NJ - USA]

Article: Brittney Spears predictions for Birthday Author: Petrene Soames
London Regional Newspapers [London, UK]

Article: Psychics continue to amaze! Author: Andrew Balkin
MIZ Teenage magazine [UK]
Namaste [OKC, OK - USA]

Author: Review
New ConneXion [Portland, OR - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Omega New Age Directory [Phoenix, AZ - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Opportunity World [New York, NY - USA]
ParentGuide [New York, USA]

Article: Spring clean your life: it is easier than you think Author: Petrene Soames
Past Present and Future [USA]

Article: Interview With a Psychic: Petrene Soames
Positive Health [London, UK]
Psychic Connections [USA]

Article: Close Encounters: Interview with Petrene Soames Author: Robert Granger
Psychic News [UK]

Article: Woman Progressed into future
Regression International [UK]
Senior Times [USA]
Skin Inc [Carol Stream, IL - USA]

Article: Bringing Positve thinking Author: Petrene soames
Skin inc The complete buisness guide for body and hair [USA]

Article: Think Positve Author: Petrene soames
Skysearch [UK]

Article: Time and Space have no distance
South London Press [London, UL]

Article: Step back in Time Author: Richard Allen
StressFree Living [Prior Lake, MN - USA]

Article: Color your life
The Edge [USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
The Evening Standard [UK]
The Happy Times Montly [Boca Raton, FL - USA]
The Healing Path [Fort Collins, CO - USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
The Indigo Sun [USA]
The Source [Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada]

Author: Petrene Soames
The Sun [UK]
The Sunday Times [UK]
The Uxbridge Gazette [London, UK]

Article: Psychic Petrene to track missing Roxy Author: Jack Abell
Time Out [UK]
Truth Seekers International Review [UK]
Uri Geller`s Encounter [UK]
Vision Magazine [USA]

Author: Petrene Soames
Woman 2 Woman [London, UK]
Women`s Health and Fitness [USA]

Article: 10 Top Tips to help to cope with depression Author: Petrene Soames

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