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Regression Therapy with Petrene

Petrene Soames is one of a few to offer regression therapy (going BACKWARDS in time) without hypnosis.

Over the last 20-30 years, Regression has become a lot more widely read about, a lot more accepted, and a lot more understood. To regress is to go back in time. You can go back to any particular point in your lifetime, into your childhood, and before, you can go back into what we call "previous lifetimes".

You can heal the past, make it complete, bring a positive outcome where there was once a negative. You most certainly can change the past.

I do not use hypnosis...

I do not use hypnosis, I am not a hypnotherapist. Hypnosis is not necessary to reach a state of Regression. You only need to be in a state of deep relaxation. I use a technique which I've developed myself and have been using successfully for over years.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

During the session...


Your mind will take you back to specific points in time which will be exactly the place and time that you need to go back to right now. As a psychic I see people leave their body, sometimes I see spirits that have passed on, relatives, and friends who come to be with them, support them during the process. I see all kinds of colors. A lot of healing, a lot of support takes place in the session. The human psyche will never lead you to a place that you are not ready to be in right now. You are not going to go back into any dreadful situation unless you are totally ready to do that. And even then, if you went back to something unpleasant, we would take you away from it immediately if this was uncomfortable to you. So you are certainly not going to have to face anything or be stuck in anything that you are not ready for.

After the session...


You will have more confidence, a much wider and greater perception, a more total realization of who you are, realizing that the "you" in the here and now is a great deal more than you imagined. Regression gives people a great deal to think about and to go over; it opens new avenues, brings new answers, opens up new questions, and new tracks in their mind. You will certainly never be in the same way or place again. You will have benefited and moved on. In my experience, I have never had negative feedback from a client who had a Regression session.

A lot of people have negative or blocked situations right now in their lives. They are trying and trying to work at something, but they just can't seem to get through; they can't pinpoint it to anything in this lifetime. It may not be in this lifetime at all. It could be something that you have brought with you from a previous time. So Regression most certainly works in such instances. For some people Regression is very vivid, it's almost like being in your own movie, you feel it, you see it, you taste it, you experience it. The interesting thing is, as far as my experience goes with Regression, people don't come along and go back to being Henry VIII. People generally go back to being ordinary, and usual people. I have had just a few world famous people. As a top psychic I know the difference between somebody exoeriencing their own Regression, going back into their own previous life, or somebody going into a group consciousness or jumping into the consciousness of someone else. Whatever your concept or perception of time, the Regression experience and therapy will at the least be thought provoking and positively life changing.

Excerpt from The Essence of Self-Healing


Regression, although useful and helpful to the body and emotions, is understood to work primarily with the mind and psyche. Contrary to the beliefs of many people, the regression state does not need to be induced by hypnosis. It is achieved by entering a state of deep relaxation. I always feel good about offering regression in this way without hypnosis, because individuals stay conscious of everything that is happening both in past regression time and in present time, and they make their own conscious choices throughout the session by following their own feelings. The technique I developed is simple and will be introduced in a forthcoming book so that everyone can integrate it into their own self-healing session when needed.

Some professionals are now offering regression as a therapy. This is preferable to those who offer it simply as a straightforward experience. For instance, if you find yourself going back to a childhood experience where you were unhappy, lonely or unloved, you need to do more than simply view, feel and accept the situation. A regression therapist who uses regression as a healing modality will help you understand that this is your reality and in this moment you can choose to make happen whatever you feel. The idea then is not to think, but to feel what you really want to happen or to do in that moment. You might feel like walking away from events, or being hugged, or saying what you really feel, even confronting those around you. Then you get to act out the past experience in a positive and healing way. This is a lifeline for those who have been abused in childhood particularly because it gives back to the child the power that was taken from him or her in the past situation. It also gives the power to confront the past abuse in a safe, positive and empowered way. The next step is that you take time to feel the good, positive feelings of control and relief you receive by your actions. You feel good then, and stay with these feelings for a few minutes, breathing them deeply throughout your body. By going through this process you have literally changed the past and healed that part of you that was scared and brutalized. This will clear many negative thoughts and behavioral patterns that you have been experiencing in the "here and now" stemming from the past.

Regression and rebirthing are both powerful tools to work with for deep release issues. The great news is that whatever you have suffered and endured in the past, you do not need to be stuck with the pain and negative patterns and blocks. There is much you can do alone and much you can do with help.

Letting go happens on many levels in many ways. We each have our own paths and our own needs. Strong emotions, even hate, can be cleared and let go of in your life. Perhaps hate has been or is a consuming part of your existence. You will have your own reasons and have made your choice to hate at some point whether you realize this or not. When you feel tired of this emotion or drained by it, know that you can let it go just like all other emotions. As you move forward with your life, you will find that it becomes easier to have perspective on why you chose to experience what might seem to others or even to yourself later such an extreme emotion.


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