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Rebirthing Therapy with Petrene

Petrene Soames has the technology to Reset Lives [Real customer says]

Rebirthing is about connected breathing. Hardly any of us breathe fully and totally. We breathe from our chest. We don't breathe from our solar plexus - the emotions - simply because this part of us is too cluttered, too filled with pains, too blocked. A lot of people feel they have a hole in their stomach, a weight on their chest. This is why many overeat, just to feel safe. A lot of us are in a time and space where we run around, never being able to or wanting to sit down and be still, be with ourselves, because it's too painful, too frightening.

Removing the blocks...

Often people who come to me have been in therapy for many years. Therapy is great, it's great to realize where your blocks are, it's great to be able to pinpoint them. But no matter how much you realize, you understand, accept, and rationalize, the blocks are still there.

Blocks exist on deep emotional levels, they are often carried in the heart center, in the throat [communication] center, perhaps in the stomach [emotions] center. Rebirthing is a powerful medium used to clear blocks.

In a Rebirthing session - which lasts about 1 1/4 hour - you have the opportunity to clear completely all the negative patterns that you've built up over years, the fear of not feeling good enough, the destructive patterns, the behaviors that you've built up over time. It's like being a sponge and finally getting an opportunity to clear and release everything. You literally breathe underneath the pain, fear, trauma, and let it go. Rebirthing is not a mind therapy, it works with and on an emotional level. Different people react in different ways: some people cry, some express anger, some are very quiet. It does not matter how you react, what matters is that the process works and works very quickly and throughly.

"I work quickly with people, so I can guarantee that in one session, two at the most, I will be able to help you to remove those negative blocks and to move on, even if you have felt stuck for a long time. I have seen in the past a lot of people recommending and offering rebirthing over 5, 6, 7, even 10 sessions. In my experienced opinion, this most certainly is not the best way to proceeed as you bring issues to the surface, and then you leave them until the next session. I feel that it's time to deal with issues there and then get them out of the way, get cleared. So I work within one, maximum two sessions. The difference with my Rebirthing sessions is that - as a top professional psychic - I can instinctively and intuitively know what to do next within the session. I know what is going to work for you as an individual. I am not only following techniques. As a sensitive I look at you as you are going through the session, I see you clearing things, I see how you are doing, what you are clearing, how far along you are with it. I watch your auras, chakras, emotional psychic energy centers, I see if they are blocked, how you clear them, and make sure you are completely back in the here and now at the end of the session. The Rebirthing I offer in my experience is more advanced than what is generally offered." Petrene Soames

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

After the Session...


You do not leave the session without being totally back in the here and now, absolutely usual. You are not feeling disconnected, or spaced out in anyway. That day, you may feel like eating something special, being in a quiet place, having an early night, a hot bath with oils, being with a favorite person. I always recommend that people do whatever feels right for them, that they pamper, indulge, and look after the inner child, because it is your emotional self. That night, and perhaps over the next three days, you may have quiet interesting dreams, things that come up from the past, past memories. It's helpful to write these down for the follow up session.

Within seven to ten days, everything has settled. You should then be totally able to know how you were before the Rebirthing experience and how you are afterwards, and you will see a most distinctive difference. How does it manifest? With feeling of freedom, security, the loss of fear, pain, the real determination, the knowledge that you are going to get through anything and everything, a new peace within yourself, a new hope, feelings of being in control, in touch with the powerful part of yourself, and most certainly increased awareness of creativity and sensitivity.

Excerpt from The Essence of Self-Healing


There is always much you can do alone and you will find more and more of your own ways. If you feel that you do need support and help to let go, there are numerous options available. With any counseling or therapy it is important to choose to work with someone you like and feel good with, a person you can feel safe with, open up to, and be yourself with. Counseling can be a lengthy process; you may feel that you want to move through past issues and strong emotional blocks faster. Investigate your options. Ask questions. Feel comfortable about the level of understanding you have regarding how the sessions work and have an idea of what to expect.

Two of the therapies that I use and highly recommend are Rebirthing and Regression therapy.

Rebirthing works primarily with the emotions and the physical body; although the mind in many ways is a large part of the rebirthing process. Some of the clients I rebirth have been involved in counseling for many years and are still looking for answers, solutions and release. Although counseling can be most helpful, there comes a point where even though you can understand all of your issues, letting go of the pain needs something that will work on a much deeper level.

Other rebirthing clients have done little or no other work on themselves and rebirthing works wonderfully for them too. Occasionally, for certain individuals who have very logical or analytical minds, it may not be initially easy to accept the concept of rebirthing and letting go. It can be easy for such people to tie themselves up in concepts, endless statements made in books by others on rebirthing, and to become entangled in complex self-analysis. When such people are ready to move on, they too can stop, take a deep breath and allow themselves the release that rebirthing initiates.

I recommend working with a rebirther who does not spread sessions over long periods of time. One or two sessions is really enough. Working over many sessions is not the best option because only a certain amount of release work is done in each session. The client is then left on his or her own to deal with whatever is taking place, until the next session.

Group rebirthing is also available. Although group rebirthing can be of some benefit, the participant cannot receive the individual attention needed from the rebirther when so many participants are rebirthing at the same time.

A rebirther who is also a sensitive is a bonus, as this person will not only be following known rebirthing techniques, but will have a real sense of what to do for you and when.

Rebirthing is about connected breathing. The basis is that we breathe in life "the new," the everything we need, and we breathe out and release everything we no longer need. There are different stages of the rebirthing; it can be a wonderfully powerful, even moving experience. The individual will discover once again his or her own natural breathing rhythms, and at some point, some people may cry or express rage. Others will not. Rebirthing is as individual as the people who experience the session. But after a session it is common to feel very positive, energized, free, or very light. You may feel that the weight that you have been carrying forever is finally gone.

Therapists will each have their own ways of conducting a session. To give an example, I use a small, comfortable warm room. I use soft lighting and gentle background music. The client lies on the floor cocooned in quilts, covers, and soft pillows. The shoulders,neck and head are left uncovered at all times. The idea is to create a warm, safe, comfortable space rather like the womb. I get back with clients seven to ten days after the session to follow up and see how and where they are within themselves, as the process needs at least this amount of time before checking results. Again and again clients tell me how rebirthing changed their lives in the most amazingly positive ways, so this is a therapy I highly recommend. The name "rebirthing" brings with it the sense of being reborn and this is very much the case during and after the process.


One more word...


Recently an article published in the Houston Chronicle (June 9, 2000) was brought to my attention. A 10 years-old girl in Colorado was wrapped in a blanket and therapists pushed against her head with pillows. They urged the girl to breathe and fight her way out and become "reborn". The girl died fighting for breath. Five people have been charged with child abuse. Her mother was present while this incident happened. The article goes on to state that other therapists who practice Rebirthing say that the patient struggles out of a covering to be "reborn".

I am as horrified as anyone to read this article and my heartfelt sympathies go out to all concerned. I am also very surprised to learn that this is the way that Rebirthing is being practiced. It is far removed from the method of Rebirthing that I have successfully practiced for many years. I want to state clearly that there is no struggling to be "reborn" on any level in my sessions, and covers or pillows are never used to cover the face or any part of the body.

News Release about the Rebirthers' Trial in Denver - April 7th, 2001

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