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Progression Therapy with Petrene

Petrene has a unique perception of time, which is her way of life. Working with Regression and Progression was a natural course for her to take.

Regression and Progression make sense. They both allow you to realize, understand and have a much greater control and calm in your life. Petrene has been working successfully with Progression for the last years and is to date the first and only Psychic to demonstrate Progression live on National TV in the UK.

To Progress means to go forward in time, even to future lives. You can progress days, weeks, months, years, or lifetimes. The choice is yours. There is no limitation. Progression is not new. Adepts have always time traveled.

"Over the next few years I believe we will be hearing a lot more about Progression and it will become even more available. I also feel that it is only a matter of time before we, as individuals, time travel on an everyday conscious level, which is something that we can all do. In fact, we do this already, we only lack awareness of it."

I do not use hypnosis!


Progression is quite different from a Reading. "This is not me telling you about the future; this is you being in the future, seeing, and experiencing it for yourself." During the session, you are in a deeply relaxed state of being and you will remember all of the experience. The experience can be very vivid, very real. For some people it is like being in or watching a movie, for others it may be more feelings. But whichever way, you will know that it's real, that you are there and it is happening.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.



Some people choose to go forward, perhaps 6 months, or five years... They want to see how their long term plans are going to turn out. They may need to know what are the next steps to take. They find these answers in the Progression experience. The session lasts around 1 1/2 hour; you can choose two future times that you want to visit. The session is taped

The great thing about the future is that it is not fixed. If you visit the future and are happy with how it turns out, great! You can look at the steps that you took to arrive at certain points and be more confident about them. If you are not happy with your future reality, you can then take different paths and steps and change that future. It is like being in a boat on the sea of life, instead of weathering the storms and being tossed from place to place, you can be the captain and steer your craft to get to the places where you want and need to be.

Creating our future is like painting a picture. We use a few brushes, colors and color combinations, and we paint scenes, shapes, or figures that have the limitations and restraints of the tools and colors that we have at the moment. When drawing your future, you too - as the painter - are using a specific reality as your tool box, your present reality. Any block or unresolved situation will still be part of that future reality that you are creating now. By clearing these blocks and resolving these situations, you allow yourself access to a new starting point, you give yourself a more extended "tool box". You then can create a new and different future, the one that you have wished and dreamed of.

There are many reasons and possibilities why people choose Progression. It's an exicting medium for those who would like to look at medicine, technology, find the answers to future trends, bring them back and use in the here and now. With Progression, scientists and physicists have a way to move forward with their studies. It is an invaluable opportunity and possibility for all people at all levels.

Progression is an opening and broadening experience for everyone. What makes it a therapy is that it is a pathway to a greater understanding of all that you are and of all that is, giving you much greater perspective, confidence, feelings of completeness, and control in your conscious and unconscious life and reality. The benefits are enormous and obvious. You can see how long term plans work out, you can go through the experience of death leaving one life and go forward into another. Any fear of death is then transcended and removed. You can then live the present point in time with much more confidence and consciousness. Knowing the future, you can enjoy or change the present.

New: Would you like to travel ahead in time? - to visit one particular time in the future and see how your life and the life of others will be? You can choose a week, a month, a year, perhaps five or ten years, even a hundred and beyond, the choice is yours.
This is the opportunity to see how your future events, plans, hopes and dreams will turn out - and from that information you can of course make positive changes now to make the future even better than the one that's going to happen. The possibilities are endless, the implications enormous.

Have you wondered and worried what death really is, what does it mean and how will it be for you? With Progression Therapy you can experience it for yourself, you don't have to wait until you actually "die" to find out! Seeing what death really is, is for everyone a highly positive, life changing experience. If you are haunted by fear of death then this is the way to overcome that fear in a safe, gently relaxed, non frightening way.

You are not hypnotized in any way and remain totally in control at all times. Don't wonder, be one of the few who know.

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