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Immersion Therapy with Petrene

Recently developed, tested and perfected, Petrene Soames now offers "Immersion Therapy"

"This is a two hour, in person, one to one private session which includes a free twenty minute follow up ten days later via telephone."

Immersion Therapy combines the elements of Water, Air, Fire and Earth in exciting and unique ways...

The Experience involves standing in a pool, then... being immersed in 4ft of water and dunking the head underneath the water for less than ten seconds at a time, (swimwear may be worn). Guided by Petrene, the breaking down of old blocks, fears and traumas takes place.

The next part of the session involves, laying in a warm comfortable space while...

Physical and Emotional Body Breathwork and Body Centered Healing takes place. Clearing past fears blocks and traumas and clearing all energy centers continues to occur at great speed and intensity.

Meditation follows with Petrene which is unique, in a pure white empty room and comfortable space, white loose clothing is worn, Petrene directs the meditation and focus which is totally geared to the individuals specific needs.

Finally the Individual explores his/her true relationship with food in clarity and joy by the specific and deliberate act of eating a light small prepared meal in specific ways directed by Petrene.

The cost for an "In Person" Session of "Immersion Therapy" with Petrene is $250.00.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

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