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Healing Sessions with Petrene

An illness is often a lack of awareness of what is actually going on in your life. It's being out of control, out of touch with your physical body, and with your higher self.

A physical illness is just a manifestation of a much greater situation. Healing is getting back in touch with you, your body, your emotions, your needs and your life.

"I work on a practical level. I tune into people and pinpoint where their problems are, where they are coming from, why they are there ill. When we pinpoint these aspects, we can work to clear and heal. Individual are brought into balance again. I work with anything from headaches, backaches, right through to aids, cancer, and other serious conditions. I am a healer and so are you. We can work together to bring what you need."

Note: Petrene does not recommend ceasing medication without first consulting your physician. Healing is not an immediate replacement, but a powerful complementary medium.

When people are ready to let go of illness and imbalance, they are ready to be healed. But sometimes people tend to hold on to illness because it becomes almost like a friend. When it's gone, there is an empty space in their life, no matter how unpleasant that illness was.

Each person is different and has individual needs. The healing may take place in as little as one or two sessions; for some, over a few weeks, even months. But the results are often outstanding. Generally, healing with Petrene takes place on a one to one basis at her Woodlands' location. Initial consultations last one hour.

Healing is highly individual and personalized. I would suggest you call me directly at 281-363-9983 if you have any questions, need clarification, or wish to schedule an appointment or send me an e-mail.



During the healing session, Petrene pinpoints the origin of the situation, the root, causes and imbalances and then determines the best way to clear, heal and return to balance and wholeness. Petrene may recommend follow up therapies such as Rebirthing and Regression sessions to work and clear both the mental and emotional bodies in preparation and support for healing of the physical body. Interestingly, much of the healing process is connected to the mental state and awareness of the client. People can heal and be healed very fast - even instantly - if they are open and ready for the process.

Incorporated into each session is the receiving of energy [although it is not the only happening during the session]. We use the word energy for lack of a better word. The energy is coming from all around us and is there all of the time, it's coming also from the client and from Petrene herself. You can physically feel it, virtually from Petrene's hands. The proceedings are focused on the highest level and work carried out with the highest intent. You, yourself, are repairing, re-aligning, your own chakras (energy centers) bringing to the surface other layers of consciousness which need examining or realizing. Countless other positive changes are also taking place as you heal. If you are particularly sensitive, you will see or feel some of this as it happens.

Distance healing does work and can also be used if it is not possible for you to visit Petrene Soames in person, or for her to visit you. You will need to write or call to schedule your initial consultation by telephone or mail to asses the possibilities of your individual case.

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