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Digression Therapy with Petrene

Petrene Soames defines to digress as "to move away physically, mentally and/or emotionally from a fixed point of life experience and acceptance."

By this act of expansion, one can then see and realize oneself more fully, and also see that reality is not fixed.

What is Digression Therapy??

Petrene has long realized that we do not only live our lives in past, present and future. We also live our lives - for want of a better word - in "parallel realities." These lives occur in the same time as the particular one that many of us have believed is our only life and reality. Some people have realized already - as does a faction of Science and Physics - that time does not exist. Rather it is a tool that we have agreed upon and a tool that we have therefore made and believed more real than it actually is.

A Digression Therapy and experience may include insight, awareness, and experience of past lives, future lives and parallel lives. This may include lives, times, people, places, events and experiences that we are a part of, and yet without Digression Therapy, we might remain consciously unaware of.

Digression Therapy is not only about experiencing parallel lives and times it is very much about  having the experience knowledge seeing and knowing of all life at the same moment without the previous concepts of what all life might be or mean.This will be different for everyone yet there are some similarities in peoples experience.If Books open your mind as we know they do Digression therapy is like opening many more doors  in very positive ways giving the individual a continued and growing expansive awareness of reality
Digression therapy is the ultimate the next step in awareness and is recommended after working through with Rebirthing Regression and Progression therapy.

A Digression session can answer more fully the question of who and what you are, who are the different people that make up you, what do they look like, what personalities do they favor, what time frames do they exist in, and how and where do they live their lives. It will also help you understand how you relate with others.

"The swiftest thing to fly is the mind. Those who know this have wings."

Digression session are available as an in person session, on a one to one basis. Petrene prefers clients to work with her first on Rebirthing and Regression experiences. Digression is a great and powerful medium which you can access and use on your own personal journey of awareness and self-discovery.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

Case Study: Parallel Realities:


Recently a woman came to visit me with a very interesting situation. After many years of homemaking she decided to go back to school. There she met one of her teacher who was just coming from a Middle Eastern country. She found him fascinating, kind, attractive and totally enthralling all in the same moment. She was married, as was he. The teacher was so afraid of his wife, that even a friendship with this lady was totally out of the question. She meanwhile had never been so miserable. She longed to be with him with a passion that filled her with almost disbelief and was way beyond her comprehension. Her question was how could it be that she would meet him and be so extremely drawn and attracted to him, but not be able to be with him, not even as friends.

The answer was no less amazing! They were indeed together on a parallel reality, which he in fact had some conscious awareness of and he had decided that they would meet and know each other in this reality. She had agreed to this in their other life, but had not been aware of it in this one. They decided to meet in this reality to have a look at each other and also to open each other's mind in ways that they had not been able to do under other circumstances. My client agreed that she could see and feel that this was true.

The story went on, my client very slowly began to draw back and let herself heal from the trauma of the situation. Then another man came in to her life, another teacher from the same country, even the same small town and teaching the same subject. The only difference is that this one, also married, is open and available to a friendship. They are now spending time together, seeing and teaching each other all kinds of special things. (The other teacher did go back to his previous country.) My client can now see that she created this reality and this replacement. Now that she is moving away from the emotional pain of the first situation, she can also feel and see from time to time the parallel life that they both share in another time and place. As she becomes less and less emotionally involved, she sees more and more of the details, which was as it was supposed to be. The experience was in accordance to her desires and needs, the need to develop and grow in awareness. You too can develop your own awareness of parallel realities with simple mental exercises.

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