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Business Consultant Session

Get on top in the business and financial world!

Get some real insight and know how best to deal with your employees, competitors, future business partners and clients, and all other possibly difficult but key people.

  • Do you have a large transaction to close?
  • Will your projects come through? When?
  • Who is really in charge?
  • Just how successful will a deal be?
  • What are the right career moves for you?
  • How far will your success go?
  • How to change your financial situation?
  • Will you have to relocate?
  • Where is the best possible location?
  • Is there anything blocking your success?

Understand your own goals and your clients business views and concepts before closing your transactions.

Imagine being able to see how your clients will feel and respond to your business proposals. Imagine being able to read their mind.

With no more than a name, sometimes even less, Petrene Soames can tune in and tell you how a person thinks, acts, reacts, where your association with them will lead and much more. Petrene Soames has been working successfully with ESP for the past twenty years, and as a business advisor for over eight years.

For any questions or to schedule an appointment, send an e-mail to ps@petrene.com or call (281) 363-9983.

Is it tough at the top?

  • Are you making money, but finding it hard to schedule a life?
  • Do you feel that few people know the real you and that many don't even care?
  • Do you really like the person you have become, and feel that you are?
  • Is stress robbing you of the great feeling of success?

If you want more balance in your life and wish or believe that "you can have it all," schedule a consultation with Petrene Soames and bring new perspectives, new awareness, and find peace and calm in your life.

What can you expect from a consultation?

  • Total confidentiality
  • The services of an expert
  • Specific answers and advise to the questions and situations important to you.

Alternative option available

Ask about Progression. Experience future time yourself. This is a unique opportunity, Petrene Soames is to date the first Psychic to demonstrate Progression twice LIVE on National TV.

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